Sunday, October 31, 2004


I attended a purchasing / logistics meeting on October 10. It was the "annual state of the market barometer" discussion. The speaker was an analyst at an investment / merchant unit of a big bank. He predicted that for one dollar you will receive 7.09 SEK (Swedish currency) in September 2005. Today is already under this level at SEK 7.02. If you look at the USD to SEK over one year period you will get an average of around 7.47 with a high of 7.94 and a low of 7.04. Here is an excerpt from John Mauldin's article, Premise #3: A Falling Dollar:

Speaking of ebb and flow, the dollar is not on some permanent downward path. It will find a bottom, probably ridiculously low, the trade deficit thing will get sorted out and then the dollar will start to rise. As an example, I think Europe has more long term structural problems than the US (I am speaking in terms of decades, not years) and would not be surprised to see the dollar and the euro at parity in 10-15-20 years. (, 10/29/04.)

More thoughts on other currencies. What will the ban on paprika do to the Hungarian economy? Will I get more Forints when I go to the Forex exchange next week?

Fidel Castro must be groggy after falling down the stairs... Here is an excerpt from Mary Murray's article, Cubans leery over dollar dumping:

Starting Nov. 8, Cuban stores and restaurants will no longer accept the American currency as legal tender. Instead, the local convertible peso becomes king, ruling over all international hard currencies, even though it carries no purchasing power off the island. (NBC News, 10/28/04.)


Here is a note to the religious people: Go and read Halloween is on a Sunday this year... by Dana Jones of Note-It Posts. Andrew Dalton says the following in his post, Anti-Halloween idiocy:

Every Christian child needs to know that Sunday is for Jesus, while the other days of the week are for celebrating the devil. (Venting Steam, 10/15/04.)

Go to The Landover Baptist for information on "how to crash Satan's birthday party and ruin Halloween."

Do you have any good recipe with pumpkin as an ingredient? I have to go to Sarah Kiser's blog, Mountaineer Musings, and check out this week's edition of Carnival of the Recipes. Talking about pumpkins, click on the ad by Body in Mind and discover a gallery of "a beautiful harvest." I am sure that model Marina will sell plenty of pumpkins. Here is an excerpt from Selling Pumpkins - Part 1 by Dwayne Bell:

In a week when the government of Spain and the women of Canada are attacking the use of female beauty to sell us values as diverse and wide-ranging as women's film-making and professional tennis, we at Body in Mind are proud to offer the world a colourful garden of female beauty in full bloom - our tribute to female beauty's power to sell - Marina selling pumpkins by Valery Anzilov. (Body in Mind, 10/17/04.)

Saturday, October 30, 2004


Our lecturer on the Middle East, Sune Persson, said that a big problem with the "Palestinian Authority" is the lack of defined rules on how to pick a successor after Yasser Arafat. Here is an excerpt from Ewa Björling's article, Aiding Palestinian Propaganda:

In September 1997, Sune Persson, an associate professor of research at Goteborg University, presented a report commissioned by Sida on the PA. This report, which was based on field studies, interviews and primarily Palestinian background material, concluded that Swedish direct aid to the PA should cease and that the assistance should be given to the Palestinian civil society instead. (The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies / Wall Street Journal, 03/15/04.)



My blog hasn't been bombarded with spam yet, but I want to address one issue. Someone with the nickname, "dagny," has been promoting "her" shop @ CaféPress in several comments. I sent an e-mail about it, but I haven't received any answer yet.

Here is my e-mail (10/26/04):

You have promoted your business (without asking first) in my comment feature on my blog. Why have you added the same comment on plenty of my posts? Don't you understand that individuals who read my blog could get the impression that this is a form of spam?

By the way: Have you asked for permission from Ayn Rand's heir before you used the name of Ayn Rand's character in Atlas Shrugged?

Best Premises,

Martin Lindeskog

Do you think that I have over reacted? I am fully aware that this post will give additional exposure to "dagny"'s "W.I.J.G?" business, but what the heck... I had to vent a bit! I will give "dagny" a couple of days to send me an explanation before I delete the comments.

Friday, October 29, 2004


In the news: Al-Jazeera broadcasts bin Laden tape.

What a "surprise." Osama bin Laden has now mentioned Sweden as a "freedom loving country" and an ally in his terrorist activities...

Let him tell us why we did not strike Sweden, for example. It is known that those who hate freedom do not have proud souls, like the souls of the 19 people [killed while perpetrating the 11 September 2001 attacks], may God have mercy on them. (BBC, 10/29/04.)

Here is a slightly different version:

He should tell us why we didn't hit Sweden for instance. It is known that those who hate freedom don't have dignified souls like the 19 who were blessed. (The Command Post, 10/29/04.)

Go to Diggers Realm for further O.B.L. updates.

Osama bin Laden talks about the "towers in Lebanon." I suggest that you go to and learn "why Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982."



Check out Scott Holleran's electronic newsletter, The Concord Crier. Here are excerpts from two of Scott Holleran's recent pieces:

The first article is on the upcoming Presidential election.

Three years after America's worst attack, the President has failed to strike the enemy's core. Every major state sponsor of Islamic terrorism, especially Iran, is firmly entrenched, if not emboldened. Al Qaeda is still active, beheading and bombing Americans across the globe. Both U.S.-led incursions, neither of which were proper declarations of war, accomplished nothing meaningful for America's defense; by most accounts, Afghanistan's Taliban rulers dispersed and, seen with the most rose-colored glasses, the Iraq invasion has been transformed into an act of altruism with America's soldiers as Christian missionaries. (, John Kerry For President, 10/28/04.)

The second article is a review of the movie, Shall We Dance? [Editor's note: Read my post, LET'S DANCE.]

Though no one will mistake Miramax's Shall We Dance for a classic Fred Astaire musical, director Peter Chelsom's romantic dance comedy makes you want to grab a dish and dance 'til dawn. The jovial remake, based on director Masayuki Suo's Japanese movie of the same name and written by Audrey Wells (Under the Tuscan Sun), captures the original picture's thematic undercurrent that happiness is the point of life. (, Invitation to the Dance, 10/15/04.)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Anita Campbell (Small Business Trends) did comment on my post, 4 MORE YEARS WITH BUSH? Could you tell me if you should take into account the future members of the Supreme Court when it is time to cast your vote in the Presidential election? Here is an excerpt from Charles Hurt's article, Rehnquist's illness raises stakes in election [link via TIA Daily]:

If Reagan appointee Robert Bork — whose Supreme Court nomination was rejected by the Democrat-controlled Senate in 1987 — had been confirmed, "Roe v. Wade would already have been overturned," said Mr. Neas, referring to the decision that guarantees the right to abortion.
Mr. Rushton said the prospect of Chief Justice Rehnquist's retirement frightens conservatives even more.
"People don't want a court that is going to set a whole lot of social policy or completely scrub religion from the public square," he said. "Average folks don't want the court mandating gay marriage." (The Washington Times, 10/26/04.)

Related: My post, ANTONIN SCALIA.

UPDATE 10/29/04:
Here is an excerpt from Adrian Apollo's site

There's an ill wind blowing in the halls of the beloved institution we call the Supreme Court. Within its hallowed halls, a secular sacrilege is billowing--seeping under the doors and threatening to overtake us if we do not wake up immediately and take emergency action. What's the source of the danger? Short answer: SCALIA.

Monday, October 25, 2004


This week's Carnival of the Capitalists is hosted by The Big Picture. Plenty of interesting posts, covering a wide range of topics, e.g, the Internet, Alan Greenspan & the Federal Reserve, taxes and government, economics, markets, entrepreneurs and small business. Don't forget to get a dose of reason over at The Charlotte Capitalist.


After watching an episode (The Dogs of War) of The West Wing [Editor's note: It is titled "The White House" here in Sweden and it is the 5th season.] I thought it could be a good idea to write another post on the Mullahs and how they are a threat to the Western world. Could you point me to articles and statements by Bush and Kerry, dealing with a strong foreign policy when it comes to Iran? I think the activists over at Blog-Iran have a good Weekend Homework Assignment:

For our take-home assignment this weekend, why doesn't everyone read or re-read Michael Ledeen's latest article "Iran, When?" and follow it up with a 1 - 2 paragraph response as to why you think President Bush and Senator Kerry have spoken so little about freedom and human rights in Iran, especially since the regime of Ayatollahs is by far the biggest sponsor of terrorism throughout the world and in Iraq, and by any objective standards, a far greater threat than Saddam Hussein ever was. (, 10/23/04.)

The time is running out... I have said it before, but I repeat: the solution is not to have a "dialogue" with the Mullahs. Dan Darling of Winds of Change says:

It is also my belief that the people, likely in the State Department, who leaked details of the early 2002 negotiations with Iran to the Post are not reporting the full details of what was going on. The article makes some valid criticisms of the administration’s approach to the war on terrorism, and I’d still recommend reading it. But there are some egregious errors that the Washington Post makes in this story, either out of ignorance or by design, and as such I thought I’d feel free to point them out. (The Command Post, Iran, al-Qaeda and the High Value Targets List, 10/25/04.)

If you want to keep updated on the situation in Iran, subscribe to Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty analytical reports. Here is an excerpt from latest issue, compiled by A. William Samii:

About 150 people gathered at the Society of Professional Journalists' office in Tehran on 21 October to protest the continuing arrests of Iranian journalists and Internet activists, the Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA) and dpa reported. Those at the gathering decided to send a letter to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei asking that the judiciary cease its actions against journalists and the media. (, Online journalists caught in 'spiderweb', 10/25/04.)

More on this:
[Editor's note: I wonder if Tereza has more information about what's going on in the news media...]

Sunday, October 24, 2004


The Commissar of the Politburo Diktat is celebrating his first blogiversary. The Ministry of Cartography has been kind to put EGO on the map several times. Look under the Globalization category for the clickable maps. [Editors's note to Stephen: Thanks for a great introduction to the trackback tool:

Some bloggers intend to stand down. Not the Commissar. Blogging is too much fun, provides too much validation, and (on occasion) even earns Trackbacks! (The Politburo Diktat, Blogiversary, 10/22/04.)


I agree with Wayne Hurlbert's (Blog Business World) statement:

The growth and staying power, of Carnival of the Capitalists, is beginning to catch the attention of people outside the blogging community. The readership is enlarging, and finding entirely new visitors, every single week. (Blog Business World, 10/18/04.)

Barry Ritholtz (The Big Picture) is the hosting this week's carnival of the capitalists. Mr. Ritholtz's post, The World's Most Economically Competitive Countries, got me thinking of the common notion that the Nordic countries have a successful welfare state model on how to run the economy. At a first glance at The Global Competitiveness Report by World Economic Forum, it looks like Finland and the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) are good at managing the macroeconomics [Editor's comment: Personally, I think that the division of economics into two parts (micro and macro) is a kind of mind-body split.] and the countries are up high on the chart... [Editor's note: Could you guess why I added the previous link?! Here is a new word for you: "MTV economics!";)]

I think that the report is a mixed bag of statistics and it is hard to get an overview of the overall competitiveness. I think that a report on economics should focus more on the tax pressure on the producers and the purchasing power of the consumers. Talking about purchasing and the state of the market, check out the Global Purchasing Managers' Index.

Going soon to Hungary, I am following the developments in former east block countries a bit more than before. Here is an excerpt from BBC News:

Estonia was marked out as the most competitive of the ten new entrant countries which joined the EU in May this year, coming in at twentieth place. (Nordic nations 'most competitive', 10/13/04.)

Razib of Gene Express is "mapping" the Global Competitiveness Report in an interesting way. If you are interested in more statistics, check out National Institute of Economic Research's summary of the Swedish economy. Note especially the unemployment figures, "sick-listning" days, and the negative central government budgeting margin. Take a look at the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in relation to the EU25 average.

If you haven't had enough of economics and finance yet, please read my post, TAX FREE DAY AND GOLD STANDARD.

Friday, October 22, 2004


Here is an excerpt from James Dunnigan's post, Osama's Little Helpers:

The Internet has made it possible to see more of this, because Islamic radicals have found the Internet a cheap way to reach supporters who can either provide cash, or volunteers for terrorist activities. (, 10/19/04.)

For examples of terrorist sites, read Rachel Ehrenfeld's article, Shutting Down Cyber-Terror.

I am happy to see that Aaron Weisburd has reached his goal of $3,500 for his Internet-Haganah fund drive. He is good at "confronting the global Jihad online."


Go to BBC News and watch a video of Fidel Castro's fall.

Washington has declined to wish Fidel Castro a speedy recovery, with some officials joking that they preferred to hear of a "different kind of fall". ('Wrong kind of fall' for Castro, 10/22/04.)

For more on the situation in Cuba, read Val Prieto's post, Cuban Studies 101 for Arnold H. [Via Diggers Realm.] It is now 4 1/2 years since federal agents took Elián Gonzalez away from the home of his relatives in Little Havana, Miami.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Listen to Greg Allen's report, Can Libertarian Badnarik Tilt White House Race? Here is an excerpt from Jim Jarvis's, post, Loonitarians [via InstaPundit]:

But this morning, I hear an NPR story about Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik and it consigns libertarians right back into the looney bin: Their candidate thinks driver's licenses are unconstitutional, the report says, and so Badnarik makes it a point to get arrested for driving without a license whenever he can to prove his alleged point. This is exactly the image libertarians had for years: impractical, obnoxious loons. (, 10/20/04.)

Harry Binswanger
has decided to vote for George W. Bush. Here is a summary from his article on Capitalism Magazine site:

The nature of this campaign is set, and the meaning of this election is: independence vs. dependence. The Bush policies favor America retaining its sovereignty--cooperating with allies as and when they are willing--and America on the offensive. The Kerry program favors America surrendering that independence to curry favor with the bribed French and the America-hating despots at the United Nations. (Vote for President Bush,, 10/21/04.)

Read my post, INSIGHT ON THE NEWS, if you want to start a discussion on potential GOP candidates in 2008...

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


BBC security correspondent, Gordon Corera, is asking: Zarqawi and Bin Laden: Brothers in arms? Here is an excerpt from Jeremy Reynalds's article, Zarqawi Pledges Allegiance to Bin Laden:

Talon News found that a montage of pictures of Zarqawi, his group's distinctive logo, and presumably the statement of allegiance were also posted on Yahoo's al Qaeda related site Global Islamic Media (GIM), which now goes under the name of Markazilamislami. An apparent Yahoo group mirror site, jabha, also carried similar images. (, 10/19/04.)

Will the hacker group "TeAmZ USA" [Editor's note: Is it a killer penguin logo?] attack Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi's Tawhid Wal Jihad website again?

From The Persian Journal:

The United States on Monday warned Iran against providing any type of support to Al-Qaeda-linked foreign militant Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi and his Tawhid wal Jihad (Unity and Holy War) group, saying such backing would be a "very, very serious matter." (, 10/19/04.)


What will I write about in two weeks time? Will EGO run out of posts? I don't think so. EGO will continue to be a positive gadfly in today's political climate and write posts from an individualist perspective. I want to write more posts related to the branches of epistemology and ethics in the future. I will reflect on the importance of art in my life and why I need to be surrounded by great works of art. That said, I have to "warn" you that EGO could be on a temporarily hiatus in the beginning of November until I find computer facilities in Sopron, Hungary. I look forward to write reports from a new part of Europe in the near future.

My guess is that blogs specialized in party politics, e.g., Atrios and "Like "Reality-Based" Kryptonite To Stupid," will have a tougher time to come up with posts after the election and their level of activity will dip for awhile. They probably need a break if you take into account how they act at the moment... Other blogs will not have the same problem. Here is an excerpt from Dean Esmay's post, What Will You Talk About? [via Jay Solo's post, RIP Things to Blog About?]:

Still: this weblog existed long before it got sidetracked by the Presidential election. I have a thousand things I'd rather talk about on a day to day basis. (, 10/18/04.)

I think I will have plenty of POSTS IN THE "PIPELINE"... Harry Binswanger's mailing list (HBL) is a great source and inspiration for future posts. Today he wrote a piece with the title, Who's the threat?, informing about a story in the New York Sun (Ex-U.S. Detainees Return to Terror) [Editor's note: Subscription required.] by Matt Moore and John J. Lumpkin (Associated Press). Isn't it strange that people think that a white-collar crime like Martha Stewart's insider trading story is a bigger factor in causing a decrease in trust in our leaders than terrorism?!

I promised to write about the space race in the above mentioned post. Yesterday I read on HBL about Adrian Apollo's great SpaceShipOne experience. Here is an excerpt from Mr. Apollo's article, Rutan's SpaceShipOne spectacle excites, inspires:

The crowd breaks up, and I find myself standing only a few feet away from Binnie. I ask him if he would have his picture taken with me, and he kindly agrees. I feel a sense of awe and childlike wonder as we shake hands and I congratulate him. Binnie sees my wide-eyed appreciation, and I notice that he, too, seems to have a twinkle in his eye as he smiles and glances back. What a rush it was to be standing there with him on such an historic occasion, standing so close to SpaceShipOne that I could reach out and touch it if I wanted to. (, 10/12/04.)

If I for some reason get a writer's block or feel burned out, I could always post a quiz! ;) [Via Accidental Verbosity.]

You are .inf You are informative.  When you are gone you make life very difficult for others.
Which File Extension are You?

Monday, October 18, 2004


Read Alan Nelson's (co-founder of The speech at the Associated Press Managing Editors conference. [Via Michele Catalano.] Here is an excerpt:

I DO think traditional journalism faces a real problem … one that you have to address if you’re to maintain not just credibility, but readership, in the future. And it’s not about accessibility or credibility or the appeal of blogger journalists … it’s about the new economy.

The fact is that information technology in general, and the Internet in particular, have unleashed a force of economic and social change of great consequence on nearly all of our established institutions. (The Command Post, 10/17/04.)

In the news: Change or become obsolete, newspapers warned.


Go to Jay Solo's blog, Accidental Verbosity, and check out the anniversary edition of Carnival of the Capitalists. After you have gone through about 35 posts related to business and economics, stop by Andy Clarkson's blog, The Charlotte Capitalist, for the Reason Roundup.

Sunday, October 17, 2004


It is interesting how a comment on your blog could trigger you to write a new post. Read Wayne Hurlbert's post, Comments on commenters, for interesting ideas on the value of comments. I have been thinking of the Presidential election for the last couple of days and I have been trying to come up with one important issue that could separate George Bush and John Kerry. Jay Solo's comment on my post, 4 MORE YEARS WITH BUSH?, made me think about one the biggest threat against the Western civilization: the mullahs in Iran and their quest for nuclear weapons. Here is an excerpt from Iran-Blog's post, G8 meets today...:

The mullahs have been a major issue long before now, but have been able to successfully remain below radar thanks to intense division within the Bush administration as well as the greater world's appeasement of the regime. If, God forbid, the Mullahs end up with a nuclear weapon, the free world can kiss the spread of liberty goodbye. (, 10/15/04.)

If I knew that Bush would act on his promise: "Iran 'will be dealt with'," it would be easy to pick a candidate. So, will Bush get back in the saddle as a real cowboy, or will "Tehran John" take over? Andy Clarkson of the Charlotte Capitalist has decided to Vote for Bush.


Do you think this is the end of Bill O'Reilly's show The O'Reilly Factor? The Swedish television recently aired Robert Greenwald's documentary, Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism. The program is really "targeting the Fox News Channel."

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I asked an American student at my school in Gothenburg about Bush's true beliefs and which faction of the Republican party he belongs to. He answered that Bush really is a born-again evangelical christian and that the religious right has a strong influence on him. Did you see any signs of these ideas in the TV debate?

I recommend you to read Craig Biddle's open letter, Capitalist Hawk for Kerry, and John Lewis's article, Opposing Platonic Conservatism: A Matter of Values. [Via The Rule of Reason.]

Here is a quote by Craig Biddle:

Here, in essence, is what Bush has done. By packaging a permission-seeking, capitulating, restrained, dovish foreign policy with lip service to an independent, firm, do-what-needs-to-be-done, hawkish one—he has removed the concept of the latter from the foreign policy debate. Kerry, unwittingly, would put it back on the table; this is why I will vote for him. (Craig Biddle, October 2004.)

Here is an excerpt from John Lewis's article:

Some people think that philosophy is irrelevant in this election; after all, there is a real emergency to be solved. But philosophy matters; it is why we have a deadly emergency. The Platonic view demands tough talk--the expression of a principle--followed by compromise, the application of the principle. This has had horrendous consequences. (Capitalism Magazine, 10/05/04.)

10 days ago I watched the end of the PBS documentary, The Jesus Factor, ("Jesusfaktorn" in Swedish). With this program fresh in my mind, I would have a hard time to vote for Bush and give him the opportunity to push his faith-based agenda for additional four more years. So, what's your take on the situation? Should we be "Capitalist Hawks for Kerry," or "Anti-Bushites for Bush"? [Via US Election 2004.] Related: My post, THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT IS WRONG.


[06:08 PM] EGO is live blogging! [Editor's comment: Please note that this post is in a draft form like short text bullets or blurbs.] Andy of Charlotte Capitalist has a good guide (Judging A Debate) for watching the debate between George Bush and John Kerry.

JFK: Fight for the American worker!
GWB: JFK is taxing the small business owners.

GWB: I have more to do...
JFK: GWB Switched from job to education... Joe Soprano's "law and order"...

JFK: Outsourcing will happen. I promise to make the play field as fair as possible. Stay up for Boeing! Fight for my own job?!
GWB: Huh! Let me talk to the workers! Reduce the marriage penalty. It's your money! JFK busted the budget 277 times.

GWB: Protect the marriage between a man a woman.
JFK: We are all God's children. [Editor's note: I am not!] Ask Dick Cheney's daughter!

JFK: Re: abortion. It's a choice between the woman, God, and her doctor. I was an altar boy...
GWB: Reduce the number of abortion. Promote a culture of life. (Bush looks down...)

GWB: Health Saving Accounts. [Editor's note: Check out Americans for Free Choice in Medicine.] Drive generic drugs to the market?
JFK: We wanted Medicare... paid for by the American taxpayers.
GWB: (He is waving with his papers...)
JFK: (He is writing something down...)

(The moderator's voice is rough... He needs a cough drop...)
JFK: My healthcare plan is easy, America.
GWB: [Editor's note: Bush said something about main stream media, but I didn't catch what he said...] Look at other countries... [Editor's comment: Will he mention Sweden?]

GWB: Bring Republicans and Democrats together to fix the current system.
JFK: Don't take out the money from the Social Security... that's disaster! Protect SS, I will not privatize it!

JFK: (The moderator ref. to Greenspan) Meet the press. I support the middle class? Create jobs in America. We have lost jobs. We will fix SS.
GWB: The tax code is more fair now. If you pay any form of tax, you get a tax relief. Stock market was in decline 6 months before I took power. Fiscal sanity.

(Moderator: Lots of email questions regarding immigration.)
GWB: 1000 more border control agents. Many people are coming here for economic reason. Temporary immigrant card.
JFK: The average family is not making it now, Bob... Borders are leaking more than before 9/11. Crack down on illegal hiring.
GWB: JFK doesn't know the borders. It is a outrage claim.
JFK: 4000 coming across the border. Plenty from the Middle East. I will make it safe.

JFK: Raise the minimum wage. We are not allowed to vote on it. Raise it to $7 per hour. Equal pay for women and men. It's a fundamental right with a minimum wage. Kick the economy in gear.
GWB: The education system must work. Left no child behind act.

GWB: No litmus test for the appointment of a new judge. Roe vs Wade.
JFK: You be the judge... [Editor's note: I didn't catch his comment on how to pick a judge.]

JFK: Run a foreign policy with real alliances. Bring other nations together... Our forces are over extended. President has taken his eye away from Osama bin Laden.
GWB: Thanks to the reservists. Serve their country. I will never turn over our security to other nations.
JFK: I will never fail to protect the U.S.A.

GWB: Extend assault weapon ban. You should be able to own a gun. Prosecute people who commit crimes with weapons.
JFK: I am hunter and gun owner. I have owned a gun since I was 13? I was hunting in Iowa once...?

JFK: Not far enough with affirmative action. We have a distance to travel... President hasn't met with the Black Congressional Caucus.
GWB: I have met with them.

GWB: I pray a lot. You are equal American if you do, or not. I stand on principle, derived from my compassion and faith-based initiative. The freedom in Iraq is a gift from the Almighty. Que?
JFK: I share it. Everything is a gift from the Almighty. Native Americans have given me a blessing.

JFK: Bring the nation together. Over 20 years I have worked with McCain and reached common ground. Not secret meetings with special interests. Against Campaign Finance Reform
GWB: Washington is a tough town! I am glad that JFK mentioned McCain. (Bush is banging the desk with his hand.)

GWB: Listen to our women. I love strong women around me. Laura Bush speaks English much better than I do. (He nods too LB.)
JFK: We married up. Some say, more me than others. We are both very lucky.

Closing statement.

JFK: These are dangerous times. I never allow another country have a veto over our country. Faith in God, we could do better... Ask you for your trust. Stronger here at home, respect in the world.
GWB: A painting by Tom Lee. I love the optimism in the painting. Pursue the enemy, and spread freedom and liberty. I am asking for your vote.

[Editor's note: I will add a link to the official transcript when it is available. Glenn Reynolds has a list of "live-bloggers," e.g., Politburo Diktat and BuzzMachine. Jeff Jarvis says:

You want a score? Zero-zero in extra innings.

I will sum up the debate in my next post, and point to some important issues according to my perspective.]

UPDATE 10/14/04:
Read the transcript from the debate (moderated by Bob Schieffer of CBS) at Arizona State University. Dick Morris gives the verdict: Draw, Advantage Kerry.


From BBC:

Six online journalists and webloggers have been arrested in Iran recently in a crackdown on dissent on the internet. (BBC, 10/13/04.) [Via Activist Chat's new blog.]

Gooya News
has a short article on one of the arrested journalists, Omid Memarian. Voice of America has reports on "human rights violations on the rise in Iran." Emadeddin Bagh, journalist and human rights advocate, is one of latest victims.


Rob of BusinessPundit and Jay Solo of Accidental Verbosity have done a great job with the Carnival of the Capitalists. Check out this and next week's anniversary edition. Don't forget Reason Roundup at the Charlotte Capitalist. I have to check if this week's edition of the Carnival of the Recipes has Hungarian dishes...

Monday, October 11, 2004


After reading Wayne Hurlbert's post, Blog money making: Think big bucks, I thought it was time to sign up for BlogSnob's SimpleAd Exchange program.

Wayne Hurlbert ends his post with this money quote:

A little cash from your blog will put food on your table. (Blog Business World, 10/10/04.)

It would be great if my blogging could generate a little cash for my future project in Hungary. The school will take care of travel expenses (up to a certain amount) and the housing, but I have to get money for my meals. Luckily you could eat and drink much cheaper in Hungary than Sweden. You are welcome to send a Forint (HUF) or two to the EGO DONATION DRIVE. According to The Economist's Hamburger Standard, a Big Mac costs Forint 492! I have been informed that the traditional Magyar cuisine is much cheaper than regular fast food.


I have several ideas on new posts and some drafts, e.g.:

  • The debates between G.W. Bush and J.F. Kerry and the missing questions.
  • Martha Stewart and "insider" trading.
  • The "penguin" hacker attack against Jihadi web site.
  • Freedom fighters inside and outside Iran.
  • The new space race.

In the meantime, you are more than welcome to stop by my other blog and read more about my trip to London, wine tasting, and the sheer joy of dancing. Please stay tuned for a rational alternative to crazy radio shock jocks...


How will you celebrate Columbus Day? How about paying a visit to one of the monuments of Christopher Columbus? Please be careful and stay away from the trouble makers... I hope that the organizer (Sons of Italy-New Generation) of the Columbus parade in Denver has the same intellectual ammunition as the Sons of Italy Book Club (look at the first book selection). It would be interesting to see the replica of Christopher Columbus' flagship, Santa Maria, in Columbus, Ohio. It would have been great to attend Thomas Bowden's lecture, Columbus Day Without Guilt. I hope that my readers in New York City will have a great walk on the Fifth Avenue.

I recommend you to read The Enemies of Christopher Columbus by Thomas A. Bowden. Here is an excerpt from Thomas Bowden's article, Columbus Day: The Cure for 9/11:

On one level, Columbus Day honors the explorer himself, for his many virtues. Columbus was a man of independent mind, who steadfastly pursued his bold plan for a westward voyage to the Indies despite powerful opposition--a man of courage, who set sail upon a trackless ocean with no assurance that he would ever reach land--a man of pride, who sought recognition and reward for his achievements.

We need not evade or excuse Columbus's flaws--his religious zealotry, his enslavement and oppression of natives--to recognize that he made history by finding new territory for a civilization that would soon show mankind how to overcome forever the age-old scourges of slavery, war, and forced religious conversion.

On a deeper level, therefore, Columbus Day celebrates the rational core of Western civilization, which flourished in the New World like a potbound plant liberated from its confining shell, demonstrating to the world what greatness is possible to man at his best. (Capitalism Magazine, 10/05/04.)

Saturday, October 9, 2004


I am going to stay in a part of the "new Europe," during the months of November to February. As a part of my education in project management (International Project Coordinator), I will participate in a project at a manufacturing company in Sopron, Hungary. This school project ("Learning At Work") is in part funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programme. One of our course books is Developments in Central and East European Politics. I wonder how an anti-communist [Editor's note: A better description is to say that I am an individualist and American in spirit, fighting against every form of collectivism.] will fit in today's Hungary with a former leader of the Young Communist League as the new Prime Minister. [Via Henry Copeland.] I hope that Ferenc Gyurcsany really has changed his mind and is no longer a communist as the Left Party (former known as Left Party Communists) leader Lars Ohly. I will travel to Budapest and pay a visit to Szoborpark ("Giant Memorials from the Communist Dictatorship") and look at statues of Marx and Lenin. Go to if you are interested in getting a "daily dish of cosmopolitan Budapest." Read Erik D'Amato's post, Pestiside 1, Soros 0 in Online Election-Throwing Contest, for a sample of what's going on Budapest.

On a related note, read Monica White's post, Berlin. [Via The Rule of Reason.]

UPDATE 10/11/04:
How about listening to Pet Shop Boys' song, Go West, and then click on the following links:

Friday, October 8, 2004


I am a bit late with the selection of the book of the month, but here it is: Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth, Book 1) by Terry Goodkind. [Hat tip to Blair of The Secular Foxhole and Jackson of Horror Unheeded.] I have added the book to my wish list at


Conference organizers
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I want to thank the organizers for a great conference in London!

Richard Brooke, Kristine Lowe, Merlin Sluis and Adam Smith have started to plan for iCon 2005...

Tuesday, October 5, 2004


London Eye
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I am testing a photo sharing tool called Flickr. My first snapshot from my new photo album is from the boat trip at the Thames. Check out British Airways London Eye. I will publish more photos from my trip and write posts about the conference in London in the near future. In the meantime, read my post, BLOGS ON THE ROLL...