Thursday, July 28, 2016

EGO Podcaster is Just Doing It

This is a meta episode of EGO NetCast, spending some time on the development of my podcasting. I recently reached a milestone of 500 downloads of my conversation with Jon Ferrara.

Could this be my break, after 10 years, since I started my first podcast on Soild Vox
I am including a screen dump of the general stats from the dashboard of my Libsyn account. You could see a nice trend line over a period of 3 months.

Did you know that overall median download number is 173 on Libsyn?
I have been thinking of the future of my podcasting for some time.

A Direct Message question from Chris Reimer on podcasting, made my day, giving me another sign that I am on the right way, if I stick with it for the long run…
I have subscribed to Karin Hoegh's e-course on podcasting. In the second issue she talks about what is the meaning of having a podcast and what should come out of your podcasting. Her email gave me food for thought and here are my answers to the questions on goal, strategy, ambition and success factor.
  1. My goal is to spread better ideas regarding new media, business philosophy, and the good life (including tea).
  2. The strategy is to give moral support and resources to business minded individuals, in an educational, engaging and entertaining way.
  3. My ambition is to give the listeners and readers food for thought, and inspire them to take action and achieve their values through social media, business and personal activities. They should feel free to reach out to me, if they are interested to learn more about the good life, including tea drinking.
  4. The success factor is to continue with solo shows and interviews as a guide for implementing ideas into actions, based on the teachings from Lyceum, Aristotle's school in Athens, and others that have beeninspired by his philosophy, e.g., Will Durant.

I will create my own success by participating in Fizzle's course, Start a Blog that Matters. [Editor's note: Affiliate links.]
In the next solo show I will talk about my struggle with the podcasting workflow, and I will mention guests in the pipeline, ways to support EGO NetCast, etc.
I celebrated my milestone with drinking the fine tea, Darjeeling First Flush SFTG FOP1 (Special Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe). Is this tea "Far Too Good For Ordinary People"? ;)

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