Wednesday, January 24, 2007


If you have around $200,000, next year you could buy a ticket from Virgin Galactic with the following route: Kiruna, Sweden - space (circa 120 miles up in the air).


Sunday, January 21, 2007


I am not a big fan of heavy metal or rap, and I don't like people who use vulgar language and cuss words, but I have to link to Stuck Mojo's song, Open Season. [Via Infidel Bloggers Alliance, hat tip to Michael Gold.]

I agree with Robert Tracy, it's time to Be Military.

Dead Ball


Do you look forward to the Super Bowl game and the commercials? Do you think you will find a similar attention grabber as the GO DADDY'S SUPER BOWL AD?


I have added John Lewis to the Objectivism category. I found his site in a comment on Tyler Cowen's post, Whither conservatism? [Via Gus Van Horn.]


I have had a strong suspicion that Hillary Clinton would jump in the presidential race. I wonder what will happen with the health care industry if she gets the power. Read Richard Ralston's op-ed, California Health Care: What's Next? Related: My post, THE BEST PLACE TO GET WELL.

"Hillary who?!"

UPDATE 01/22/07:

Check out the Carnival of the Cats #148 at Enrevanche and the Presidential Straw Poll at Pajamas Media.


It will be interesting to follow AOL's bidding process for TradeDoubler AB. The Swedish firm is located in Stockholm, and has a strong position in Europe.

My guess is that AOL eventually will increase the bid, especially now when Alecta, a pension fund, said no to the initial offer. Tradedoubler has plenty of clients, e.g. in the travel industry (Expedia), electronics (Apple Store), telecom industry (Sony Ericsson), shopping (Reebok), financial services (American Express) and portals (eBay).

I agree with Jeff Molander's view that other online players, e.g, ValueClick and Google could be interested in entering the match and place a higher bid.

The advertising money is going more and more from TV to the Internet. With the upcoming presidential election, the online marketing will grow in a steady way. Related: My post, ADDING UP THE ADS.

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UPDATE: 01/24/06:

Check out the Carnival of the Capitalists at David Maister's blog.

Sunday, January 7, 2007


I haven't been able to blog for some time due to a hectic schedule. I wanted to give my readers a quick heads-up what is going on at the moment. I am in the process of starting up an international operation including a Blue Chip Business Center franchise. Our company has involved a business developer consultant for this matter. The business concept has three main business areas:

  • Blue Chip Café selling coffee, tea, cookies and sandwiches, etc. The café is decorated with antique furniture. You could bring your own laptop and surf the net for free, if you are a member. Dismuke Radio is often played and now and then a band is playing after work business lounge jazz. The historical inspiration is coming from an article in The Economist.

  • Blue Chip Business Center with post office services, including mailboxes, shipping packages and other courier services, printing and binding documents, telephone and incoming call service for box owners, virtual and physical office space, etc.

  • Blue Chip online community and member club that is connecting entrepreneurs and business minded individuals around the world. The incorporated association has several activities, e.g., conferences, courses and workshops. The member has access to a library with books and magazines.

If you are interested in the business idea and want to receive updates, please send me an email to: Martin AT BlueChipCafe DOT com. We will put up information on our international web site and blog when the material is ready. I am thinking of using a special blog for our team activities.

Please feel free to give me tips and suggestions on sources regarding the franchise topic. With the help of our business contact and studying and learning the field, I am positive that our venture will become successful. Sean's post, Franchising Defined #1, is a good start of my education. [Editor's note to our future franchisee partners: You have my word that you will not get "ripped off"...]

UPDATE 01/09/07:

[Editor's note: Read Sean Kelly's comment.]

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