Monday, June 9, 2014


How do you store and distribute your podcast material? The title of the blog post is a hat tip wink to LibSyn (Liberated Syndication). In my Annual Blog Report XII post, I said that I will put more effort into my podcasting and get back on track with a regular schedule.

The question that have been asking myself recently is:

- How do I secure my content, save it and promote it in an effective way?

At the moment, I have podcasts at:

I have had a nagging feeling that all the above mentioned services have had their share of challenges and I want to have a "safe haven" for my content in the future.

Now when I got my first patron (of the arts), Niklas Larsson, I decided to sign up for LibSyn's podcasting + smartphone app packages with 400 MB storage for $20 per month. I must say that the mobile app feature with a potential of revenue sharing, is a sweet deal! So, I ask you to stay tuned for my own Podcast Box app on iTunes and Amazon App Store. You could now listen to my podcast and support my work at the same time! :)

Here is an excerpt from Robert Walch's post, Podcast Consumption as easy as Angry Birds:

Today more podcasts are downloaded directly to Mobile devices than to computers.
This is a huge deal.  In March 2013 for all the downloads from all the 13,000+ shows hosted with Libsyn – we saw the following stats for where podcasts were directly downloaded to:   

Mobile = 51.37%
Computer = 48.58%
Set Top Box = 0.05% 
There are a lot of people that even today say consuming podcasts is too difficult. 

Based on What?

Today podcasting is as easy to consume as Angry birds is to play
You open your mobile device – you tap on the app and you consume. It really is that easy.

Maybe people are saying “THEIR” podcast is tough to consume. And that might be because they don’t have their own smartphone app.

Looking at the Libsyn stats for March over 7.5% of mobile downloads happened directly to Podcasters own stand alone smartphone apps – not the generic apps – but their own branded apps. And that percentage is growing every month.

If you don’t have your own smartphone app in the iTunes store, Amazon Store and Google play store – then maybe your podcast is not as easy to find and consume as your peers.

The other advantage of having a stand alone app in the apps stores is discoverability. People searching for a subject matter may stumble upon your show – while not looking specifically for a podcast – and decide to give your app a try. 
Libsyn blog, April 12, 2013.

You will be able to find my future podcasts at

What's your take on the future of podcasting and the different players on the market?

Podcaster selfie at Hej5 Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden.