Monday, March 26, 2012


Listen to my interview with Chris Reimer. You could subscribe to the RSS feed and download the audio file (MP3). You could find EGO podcasts on iTunes.

Listen to internet radio with Lyceum1776 on Blog Talk Radio

Show notes:

00 min. - Bio. introduction.
02 min. - BaconSalt: My post, Bacon Flavored Salt. Chris Reimer's post, Bacon Salt Is In The Hizzy!
04 min. - Kevin Rose, Oink, Google, tea...
10 min. - T-shirt business, RizzoTees.
14 min. - Vice President of Social Media at Falk Harrison.
16 min. - Cold calling...
20 min. - John Jantsch's The Referral EngineCertified NetworkerV.C.P processBNI, Dr. Ivan Misner.
22 min. - Chris Reimer's bio. page. STL Index by Infuz.
27 min. - The Trader Principle.
30 min. - Tr@der Manife$to ("Trader Manifesto").
31 min. - John Morgan's Brand Against the Machine.
32 min. - Rework.
34 min. - Nonfiction and fiction books. Ayn Rand's fiction and nonfiction books.
35 min. - Movies, Star Trek, Scott Holleran.
36 min. - Tweet by Kelly @saucewear:

37 min. - Joe Sorge of AJ Bombers.
38 min. - Gary Vaynerchuk's The Thank You Economy.
41 min. - Chianti wine, Tuscany, Italy. Chris Reimer's tweet:

Enoteca Rinaldi, Lecchi in Chianti, Italy, 9am, on my 3rd cap... on Twitpic
Enoteca Rinaldi

42 min. - Bottle Shock movie.

Alan Rickman and Bill Pullman Argue in Bottle Shock

43 min. - Julio Ricardo Varela @julito77.
45 min. - Foursquare check-in, Orlando, Florida.
46 min. - Location Based Services, Social Media Club, Gothenburg, Sweden.
48 min. - Chris Reimer is working on writing a book...
57 min. - - Bacon - You Like This.

Bacon - You Like This - Rizzo Tees

Sunday, March 25, 2012


During the "potluck"(un)conference WebCoast, I listened to a fascinating session with Viktor Richardson (bio. on Soundic Radio) on the future of web radio.

It was an interesting discussion on how to come up with a new name for web radio 2.0, e.g., "telefoni" and how you should be able to create live web radio with people using their mobile phones, starting a conversation in real time that could facilitate an interactive conversation.

Viktor Richardson

Personally, I think that BlogTalkRadio has come a long way with features like a call-in number [for EGO podcast show: (347) 994-1906] for listeners, Facebook social plugin for comments, sharing function powered by AddThis, etc.

Downcast iPhone app

With you could embed the audio file in your blog like this:

and the listener could comment on it by creating a cinch cast reply.

Talking about future podcasts, I will interview Chris Reimer today at 3 PM ET (New York time) / 9 PM European Standard Time and have a conversation with Anita Campbell on May 11 at 11 AM ET / 5 PM EST. Do you have a suggestion on a guest in April? I will do a follow up "note to self" podcast in the near future... ;)

EGO podcast - Downcast iPhone app.

I have some questions regarding radio and music on the web:

  • What kind of podcasting gear do you use?
  • How could you use SoundCloud? I have to ask Brent Leary for some tips.
  • Have you tested Rdio? Do you think it will be a big competitor to Spotify and Pandora?
  • Will we be able to subscribe to podcast RSS feeds via the above mentioned services, similar as we do on iTunes?
  • How do you listen to podcasts? On your MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, computer, etc.? Thanks to Stefan Waborg for introducing me to the great podcast application called Downcast.

Downcast app

On March 17, I had a session with the title, "Podcast - Din radiokanal på nätet" ("Podcast - Your radio channel on the Internet"). As an instance of irony, I didn't manage to record my talk in a proper way. It must be surfing around in cyberspace somehow... ;) At least, here are some photos from WebCoast:

WebCoast - the grid

Ego - Martin Lindeskog

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Have you tasted Justin & Dave's BaconSalt with Jalapeno? I like the taste of bacon and I am a chile-head!

BaconSalt #fejk #fotosondag #fs120304
BaconSalt #fejk #fotosondag #fs120304

I have added this photo to Photo Sunday's theme, "fake" ("fejk" in Swedish).
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