Friday, November 29, 2002


Henrik Unn� has written a great article, L�t l�kemedelsbolag tj�na pengar, defending the pharmaceutical companies and their right to have a profitable business. [Via Jerry Nilson, "Lyceum2" mailing list.] I have experienced on many occasions how "government healthcare reforms" and socialized medicine are destroying the health situation in Sweden. We desperately need an ad hoc organization similar to the Americans for Free Choice in Medicine, in Sweden.

Thursday, November 28, 2002


I want to send out a big "thank you" to the men of the mind, inventors, producers, and capitalists who have made this world a great place to live! Take some time and and read Gary Hull's editorial, Thanksgiving: The Producer's Holiday. This Holiday Is Designed to Celebrate, Not Faith and Charity, But Thought and Production.

UPDATE 11/30/02: Here is some good reading material during the "turkey" weekend: Thank You by Michael J. Hurd, PhD.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002


I have added Chip Joyce's blog, About the War (and How America Is Losing). Go to his site and you will find an intelligent "discussion about the catastrophic appeasement of militant Muslims."


Yeslam Bin Laden is one of the richest people in Switzerland. Do you think that his half-brother, Osama, has received some of the money?! For information about the Bin Laden Group, check out Frontline's website and Intelligence Online's reports.
Related: Getting Tough with Riyadh by Kate Taylor @ Slate. [Via InstaPundit.]

Monday, November 25, 2002


When will the Bush administration speak up against the Saudis? Read about The Saudi Money Trail in the latest issue of Newsweek. [Via Watch.] I agree with the following statement by Peter Gustavson: "Better start turning up the heat on the Saudi Princes." Related: my post, THE SAUDI ROYAL FAMILY & USAMA BIN LADEN.


"O.B.L." has done it again! This time he has (or somebody in his name) written a letter. Read Andrew Sullivan's analysis.


I think it could be the case that "Beijing is waiting for U.S.-Iraq war." I don't trust the leadership in red communist China. I bet they want to attack Taiwan R.O.C. if they get the chance.


Stay healthy! You don't want to pay a visit to the doctor in the future... Read Andrew Dalton's post, Witch Doctor Alert.

Friday, November 22, 2002


I have added Dianne Durante's web site, Forgotten Delights, to the Art category.


I wonder if the Total Information Awareness Program has registered my purchase of this product?

Shouldn't we spend more time and effort on a real enemy, e.g. the ayatollahs in Iran?


The German tabloid, Bild, is rewriting the history and is calling Winston Churchill a "war criminal." [Via Little Green Footballs.]

My response: read a quote from the TV comedy, Fawlty Towers, episode, The Germans.


Hans Blix: Why do you lead this charade? Are you afraid of "losing" your "diplomatic face"? Related: What's up with this guy, Scott Ritter? Please give me the scoop...


Anti-abortionist, James Kopp, admits killing Dr. Barnett Slepian. [Via InstaPundit.] I wonder if James Kopp will rot in jail...

Thursday, November 21, 2002


Good news! Jos� Bov� is going to jail for trashing a field of genetically modified crops. And what's the reaction from the left? Julien Dray, a socialist politician: "The struggle against the inegalitarian logic of liberal globalisation is a just one. Bov� should be thanked, not jailed."

I am thinking of joining the Celebrate Capitalism� campaign on December 1. Related: my post, CAPITALISM DAY 12/01/02.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Saturday, November 16, 2002


I have written some new posts on my other weblog. It is a wide range of topics: shops and restaurants in Gothenburg, and articles on sex & romance! In the future, I will put some of my more personal posts on Martin Lindeskog's Weblog and keep the philosophy and political stuff on the EGO blog, but it could occur some overlap. Maybe I will try to integrate both blogs into my own web site sometime in the future.

Please do not hesitate to send me your suggestions on topics, links, web design, and blogging in general.

Friday, November 15, 2002


I agree with Michael Ledeen's article, The Temperature Rises: We should liberate Iran first --- now. [Via Damian Penny.] Related: my post, NEWS IN IRAN.


Why do they send "a dupe to disarm Saddam?" [Via Peter Gustavson.] Per Ahlmark, is belonging to a rare category, he is an honest, former liberal politician. Another example is Andres K�ng.
Related: Wins and Losses by Robert W. Tracinski.

Update: read Matt Drudge's flash report on Mr. Blix.


What's happening with the dollar currency? Today is 1 US Dollar converted to 8.98 Swedish Krona. Check out the Economist's "hamburger index."


Read Harry Binswanger's article, Grasping the Essence of the Republican Victory: A Philosopher Analyzes the 2002 Elections.


Here are some facts from a new report (click on: "Rapport 2002:5 Internationella skattej�mf�relser") by the Swedish Taxpayers Association:

* Total tax pressure in percent of GDP in 2001:
- Sweden: 50.8%
- USA: 28.9% (2000)
[Source: OECD]

* Purchasing Power Index - GDP / capita:
- Sweden: 104 (17th place)
- USA: 148 (2nd place)
[Source: OECD]

* Value Added Tax (VAT):
- Sweden: 25%
- USA: 5 - 9% (sales tax)
[Source: OECD]

* Payroll taxes:
- Sweden: 32.8%
- USA: 9.4%
[Source: Taxpayers' Association of Finland]

UPDATE 11/16/02: I want to give a short response to comments that I have received so far. "Saquobyesse": Luxembourg took the first place regarding the Purchasing Power Index. Most of the report is in Swedish, but the headlines are in English so you should be able to figure out the information in the different tables. Robin Goodfellow: I think that the most important thing in the debate between different economic systems, is to say that capitalism is the moral system. You get more material wealth on a free market, due to the fact that you are free to act. The issue of prosperity is a consequence of the proper ethics.

Glenn Reynolds: I am sorry that I can't give you a "Mississippi comparison." But here is another tidbit: At the end of the report, is a table with a revised tax pressure list, compiled due to some criticism on how to calculate the total tax pressure. Sweden has in general a higher level of taxes because they tax financial transactions more often and the common use of welfare handouts. But even with this accounted for, Sweden tops the list!

* Revised Tax Pressure - Adjusted Tax Pressure:
- Sweden: 45.2%
- USA: 29.2%
* Revised Tax Pressure - Tax on work:
- Sweden: 35.1%
- USA: 20.4%

A short note on the Swedish Taxpayers Association ("Skattebetalarnas f�rening" in Swedish). I think it is good thing that an ad hoc organization like STA exists, but it is a bit sad that they are not principled enough and they have a tough time to be heard in the political debate. For more information on taxes, go to World Taxpayers Associations.


Some animal "rights" activists (read: anti-man) have crashed a Victoria's Secret fashion show. Gisele Bundchen: Keep up the good work!
Related: my post, FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

Saturday, November 9, 2002


I have added Blogwise to the Resources category. It is a directory of weblogs.

Saturday, November 2, 2002


I have added my friend Peter Gustafson's site to the Blog category. Another new blog is Dollars & Crosses, edited by Carter Laren at Capitalism Magazine. [Via Fredrik Norman.]


About 2,000 godless Americans joined the march in Washington. Related: From CNN 10/31/02: Atheist Scout given a week to declare belief.


Check out John Cox and Allen Forkum's editorial cartoon, Blind Side:

If you want to see more cartoons, go to The Intellectual Activist.


What is "hate speech"? Charles Johnson has been accused of spreading hate on his weblog, Little Green Footballs. I don't think he is on the "dark side." He has courage to speak up against the crusaders of Jihad. Michael Moynihan at the "Politburo," has a post on the Islamist PR campaign in Sweden. [Via InstaPundit.] For an example of anti-semitism in Sweden, read about Ahmed Rami's Radio Islam. Why do they hate us? Because we try to live a good, prosperous, and happy life here in the Western world. It is time to make a clear cut statement, don't mess with us, or else... It is time for the Judgment "Day." Read Robert W. Tracinski's column, The Rush from Judgment.