Wednesday, March 23, 2011


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After I listened to Marie Axelsson's talk at WebCoast [via Sundhult blog], I have decided to reactivate my Flattr account. Maria said that some podcasters have been very successful in getting micro-donations. Flattr describes its service in the following way:

Flattr is a social micropayments system enabling you to easy share money to support things you like and to get support from your fans.

I am searching for sponsors for my EGO Podcast show in order to cover the premium host package ($39 per month) in the first place. In the future, I want to add more features to my show, e.g., transcripts, and also invest in better equipment for the radio show, e.g., a new headset.

If you want to support a "poor" capitalist and a "trader in matter & spirit," please click the Flattr button, or send a donation to my PayPal account via ChipIn.

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As a "tea drinking podradio enthusiast," I had a session on podcasting, together with Anders Nyman and Christian Dahlqvist.

Ego at WebCoast - Unconference for web enthusiasts.

IMG_7267.jpg by Sina Farhat - Webcoast
IMG_7267.jpg, a photo by Sina Farhat - Webcoast on Flickr.
Photo by Sina Farhat. The photo is located on WebCoast's photostream by Sina Farhat.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Listen to my interview with Tod. You could subscribe to the RSS feed and download the audio file (MP3). You could find EGO podcasts on iTunes.

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I will update the timeline with more show notes in the near future. I will also write a new post with a CinchCast episode on why I have become a premium Blog Talk Radio host / customer and how you could support my future shows. [Editor's note: I will talk about the buzz sound coming from my MacBook, getting a new headset, potential sponsor messages, intro. message and music jingle, etc.]

Timeline with show notes

(01) Bio. introduction.

(01) Peter "Foppa" Forsberg. "Foppa" slippers by Crocs.

(05) Solo Flight - A Novel by Tod.

(06) Heart of a Pagan - The Story of Swoop by Andrew Bernstein.

(09) iPhone and iPad Apps by Tod LLC.

(12) News Clocks.

(15) Goal Setting on iPhone with Goal Meter.

(18) Talk Timer by inUse.

(22) Solo Flight Amazon Kindle edition and Lulu paperback.

(24) Mainstream Media illustrated (Pajamas at the Gate) by Cox & Forkum.

(26) Steve Jobs, Rupert Murdoch and The Daily.

(28) Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love by Jonathan Fields.

(30) Half-time. The Trader Principle. A story from the childhood, Lego table.


UPDATE 03/23/11:

I have reactivated my Flattr account again. If you want to support my work with the EGO Podcast, please click the Flattr button.

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