Tuesday, February 27, 2007


From Craig Biddle, The Objective Standard: GMU Goes Dhimmi: John Lewis Talk Cancelled. Has dhimmitude become the norm at George Mason University? Is this a new way of censorship? [Editor's note to John Lewis: Keep up the good fight!]

UPDATE 03/18/07:

In the news: Professor's invitation at GMU pulled amid Muslim complaints - Akron Beacon Journal / AP.

An Ohio professor who has called for war with Iran had his invitation to speak at George Mason University rescinded after Muslim students complained that he advocates violence.

On Friday, however, it appeared that the speech might be rescheduled.

John Lewis, who teaches history at Ashland University, was invited to speak in conjunction with an article he wrote in December titled "No Substitute for Victory: The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism." (Ohio.com, 03/09/07.)

Michael Caution of Abandon Caution writes that John Lewis will deliver his speech on April 24, at 7:30 PM. [Via Gus Van Horn.] [Editor's note: Please inform me if you are planning to attend the lecture.]

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I have heard from a source (who has contact with individuals who tried to kick out Hugo Chavéz) that Venezuelan TV viewers are upset by the "channel collision" in the time tables. Hugo Chavéz's speeches are intruding into the "prime time" broadcasting of the popular soap opera programs. Could this start an uproar and a contra-Bolivarian Revolution? [Editor's note: It would be interesting if someone who knows Spanish could check the television schedules and give me information on a potential "Celebrity Death Match," South American style...]



In the news: Iran defiant on nuclear programme - BBC.

"Iran has obtained the technology to produce nuclear fuel and Iran's move is like a train... which has no brake and no reverse gear," President Ahmadinejad, quoted by ISNA news agency, told a gathering of clerics on Sunday. (BBC News, 02/25/07.)

You have to watch this animated movie (International Efforts Fail and Nuclear Plants Are Built in Several Iranian Cities by 2022 in a Tehran TV Animated Film) at MEMRI. You could follow figures with hard hats building nuclear plants in Iran. A strange character, shaped as a peanut president, is yelling and shouting to his allies. [Via Little Green Footballs.]

Have you read Kenneth R. Timmerman's book, Countdown to Crisis: The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran?

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Throw Down

UPDATE 02/26/07:



Morris is looking out of the window, checking out what's going on outside in the garden. A pink orchid is his "camouflage"...

Have you heard that the "Iron Lady" got a bronze statue? Margaret Thatcher comment the statue in her honor in the following way:

"I might have preferred iron, but bronze will do. It won't rust. And, this time, I hope, the head will stay on," Ms. Thatcher, 81, said to laughter and applause at a ceremony on Wednesday. The 81-year-old baroness was referring to a marble statue of her that was decapitated in 2002 by a vandal. (The New York Sun / AP News, 02/23/07.)

Here is an excerpt from my post, CATS IN ART.

This is our ca(s)t iron house cat. He was a drive-thru "feeding station" for one
of other cats in the past. We placed dry cat food between the paws.

Originally uploaded by Lyceum.

(EGO, 04/10/05.)

Saturday, February 24, 2007


I almost created some latte art the other day at Blue Chip Café.

I will update this post with a recipe for hazelnut cookies. In the meantime, check out "Coffee Nut Drop Cookies". A local contact has introduced us to the Caffè Ottolina coffee brand from Milano.

With the new chile pepper season starting, it is interesting to read about Naga Jolokia pepper in the Time magazine. They claim it is the hottest chile pepper tested so far. I have to get my hands on this!

UPDATE 02/25/07:

Here is a simple recipe for hazelnut cookies:

2 eggs.
2 deciliters (0.85 cups) white sugar.
200 grams hazelnuts.

Beat (whip) the eggs in a gentle way so the whites and egg yolks are separated.
Pour down the sugar and the grinded nuts.
Shape small cookies and put on a baking plate.
Put one nut on the top.
Put in the oven (200 degrees Celsius / 392 Fahrenheit) for about 10 minutes.

Go to Italian Food Forever for another version.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


You could now vote for different candidates in Pajamas Media's Presidential Straw Poll. Scroll down and look after EGO Poll category in the right column.

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From Dwayne Bell's post, The most beautiful woman in the world is dead.

It breaks our hearts to report that Anna Nicole Smith, who we at Body in Mind have often considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world, is dead. She was found unresponsive in her hotel room in Hollywood, Florida this morning.

Many will say it was her drug use that killed her. But even if drugs are found in her system it was not drugs, it was the world that killed her, just as it killed her idol, Marilyn Monroe.

We told you it would happen. What could make a woman so beautiful, so innocent, so exuberant and full of life lose her joy in life? Only one thing: unrelenting and merciless hatred of beauty, of innocence, of joy on global scale. (BodyInMind.com, 02/08/07.)

Monday, February 12, 2007


I have joined PayPerPost (The Consumer Generated Advertising Network™).

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UPDATE 02/20/07: I got an email from PayPerPost, saying: "Blogs may not contain adult or mature material." So, I have deleted my blog from their system.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


I will publish more cat pictures in the near future. I have to fix the cable between the mobile camera and the computer. Enclosed is an old photo of Morris. Have a "Kit Kat " break....

CATWALK (03/21/05)