Sunday, February 25, 2007


Morris is looking out of the window, checking out what's going on outside in the garden. A pink orchid is his "camouflage"...

Have you heard that the "Iron Lady" got a bronze statue? Margaret Thatcher comment the statue in her honor in the following way:

"I might have preferred iron, but bronze will do. It won't rust. And, this time, I hope, the head will stay on," Ms. Thatcher, 81, said to laughter and applause at a ceremony on Wednesday. The 81-year-old baroness was referring to a marble statue of her that was decapitated in 2002 by a vandal. (The New York Sun / AP News, 02/23/07.)

Here is an excerpt from my post, CATS IN ART.

This is our ca(s)t iron house cat. He was a drive-thru "feeding station" for one
of other cats in the past. We placed dry cat food between the paws.

Originally uploaded by Lyceum.

(EGO, 04/10/05.)

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