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Have you suggestions and tips on how to store contact information in a digital way? I haven't used Plaxo much and I want to look into alternative ways. Could you use some kind of scanning device for your business cards?

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I will give a gift from one of my EGO online stores to the follower #1000.


  1. The follower has to be followed back by me. The follower has to fit my personal touchstones.
  2. The follower has to write a #GoodThing tweet before I decide if the person should get the prize.
  3. The winner has to be an EGO "ambassador" and walking "billboard" and take a photo of the EGO gear and publish it online.

Do you agree with Morris the cat that I will have 1000 followers around mid April? Could the butterfly effect come into play? I am number 15 on the #tea tag list on Kevin Rose's site WeFollow at the moment. For more on Twitter, read Anita Campbell's post, The Ultimate Small Business Twitter List Has Grown.



Morris the cat has green thumbs (paws). He will help with the sowing of chile pepper seeds.

The bag is filled with flower soil ("blomjord" in Swedish).

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Congratulations to the winners of the 2009 Blogger Appreciation Contest:


In the news: Swimwear designer rejects sexism charges - The Local.

Asked whether the company would make any changes to its product catalogue in light of criticism from the Trade Ethical Council against Sexism in Advertising (ERK), CEO Panos Papadopoulos replied, "absolutely not".

”We’re often criticized in other countries for being overly restrictive. If anything, our catalogue is too conservative," he told The Local.

ERK has issued the company with a formal reprimand for the titillating nature of some of the pictures in Panos Emporio's latest product brochure.

"In a lot of the pictures in the catalogue, the models are posing in a way that leads one's thoughts to sex rather than bathing," ERK wrote in its ruling.

The council added that not all of the suggestive pictures could be viewed as discriminatory on the grounds of gender. But, "the fact that certain pictures are taken in an indoor environment reinforces the allusion to sex, as does the fact that the model is portrayed lying down in provocative poses."

“The woman’s body is used in these pictures as an eye-catcher of a sexual nature with an insufficient correlation to the product being marketed,” wrote ERK. (, March 20, 2009.)

Support Panos Papadopoulos and buy something from Panos Emporio.

Panos and Yana Kay.
Source: Image Copyright - Panos Emporio AB.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Check out the Young Entrepreneur Society:

Bob Proctor endorses the Young Entrepreneur Society:

Find more videos like this on Young Entrepreneur Society

Mike Michalowicz, author of the book, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, is one of the entrepreneurs in the Y.E.S. movie.

Find more videos like this on Young Entrepreneur Society

Monday, March 16, 2009


Here is a short introduction to Livescribe's Pulse Smartpen (1 GB). I will write posts now and then on my experiences with this digital tool and give you some examples on how I am using it. This first post is covering the configuration of the pen, testing the "paper replay" feature and how to share your notes with others.

The starter kit with an additional set of journals. I will use the smaller journals for blogging notes and when I am out and about... The regular starter notebook will be used for my weekly review and as my stationery writing material at my desk.

I have opened the getting started guide and the standard college notebook.

Pulse Smartpen (1 GB), 3-D recording headset, USB mobile charging cradle, notebook, case and ink cartridge refills and stylus.

Installing the Livescribe desktop software by placing the Pulse Smartpen into the USB cradle.

You are welcome to watch my video clip, going through the tutorial regarding the paper replay basics.

Digital Pen from Martin Lindeskog on Vimeo.

You could see the notes and listen to the instructions on the Livescribe desktop community.

I have to ask my local supplier about the Pulse software installation CD for more information and why they have stated the following thing in the "Getting Started Guide":

6. IMPORTANT: The Pulse smartpen is designed to be connected with one computer only. Be sure to download and install Livescribe Desktop on the computer where you want your nores to reside. (

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Sunday, March 15, 2009


I want to send a thank-you note of gratitude to Anita Campell of Small Business Trends for sending an invitation to participate in a blog meme called 7 Things You May (Or May Not) Know About Me. I have participated in a few meme games in the past and it could be fun to continue the viral conversation and spread it through the blogsophere. If you want to learn more about EGO editor, please read my post, THREE GOOD THINGS ON TWITTER and follow me on Twitter.

The Seven Things:

  1. I am built like a "terminator" (kind of) with a plastic spare part under my skin, near one of my eyes. It all happened after jumping on a springboard (trampoline) and getting a knee in my eye... *bang*! This accident happened during a gymnastics lesson in middle school. I had to get an operation and I was stuck at a hospital for some time. My eyesight didn't get damaged, but I will never become a combat pilot!
  2. I have trained a human self-defense called jiujitsu. I received a blue belt after a couple of years. I met one of my best friends during this time. More about Christer Sjöback later on...
  3. I have plenty of my belongings stored at a friend's place in Troy, Ohio, USA. This is my "lifeline" and link to the land of opportunity. I have to visit the Midwest again and go through my stuff... Link tip:
  4. I played chess when I was kid. I often used "Scandinavian defense" as a "black" player. I am open for a game of chess...
  5. I have have had a Fisher Space pen in my pocket since my birthday on May 25, 2003. My friend Christer Sjöback gave it to me.
  6. For some reason, I got the nickname, Quicksilver, by a student at Southern New Hampshire University. It could be that I often had clothes by Quiksilver...
  7. I am trying to learn Interlingua...

If you like this kind of post and want to explore more blog memes and quizzes, check out Blogthings.

Blogger's Dilemma

Who's Next?

I will update this post when my fellow "tagged" bloggers have published their 7 things posts.

The Meme Rules:

  • Link to your original tagger(s) and list the meme rules in your post.
  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  • Tag (link to) seven people at the end of your post by writing their names and the links to their blogs (and Twitter pages).
  • Inform them that they've been tagged and that they have an assignment to do.

Note to my readers: Please feel free to share some stuff about yourself and write something in the comment section. For inspiration, read my post, TOASTMASTERS. I had my first ice-breaker speech at Toastmasters last summer. So, don't be a stranger, break the ice and spill the beans!

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UPDATE 03/16/09:

UPDATE 03/17/09:

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Morris the cat is giving me the following Twitter prognosis:

- "You will have 1000 followers within 30 days..."

[Editor's note to Morris: Thanks for your support with punching the numbers @ the keyboard!]

In the news: The Amount And Value Of Twitter Traffic by Michael Arrington of

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From Plinky:

You've been invited on a talk show to explain your job to the hosts. What would you say you do on a daily basis?

Check out my new homepage powered by Posterous for a glimpse of my work-life...

I am planning to update the page on a weekly basis, or at least, every two weeks (fortnight) with things that could be of interest to my friends, business partners, customers and supporters. The posts will often be written in a laid-back manner with a twist.

I have some tidbits in the pipeline, e.g., a piece on logistics and Jacquest Tati, a news update from my alma mater, Southern New Hampshire University, and my take on a new study on salary that could fit into the "Freakonomics" category. Stay tuned! [Editor's note: Talking about talk shows, my interview with Scott Holleran should be up and running on Solid Vox in the near future...]

Thursday, March 5, 2009


From Rush Limbaugh’s statement to the Herald:

Clearly, the GOP has no "leader" right now and they won’t until a viable presidential candidate surfaces. I have no idea who that will be. But I do know that we have a blueprint for landslide electoral success. Reaganism. We tried it the way our "moderates" demanded: John McCain. They got the candidate and the campaign they wanted. And we got creamed. So it is time for the party to realize that if they want to win elections it cannot be accomplished with Democrat-Lite. (Boston Herald, March 5, 2009.)

Rush Limbaugh

Related: My post, GOP PREMORTEM. [Editor's note: I added "fail whale" in the title as a joke and play with words...]


I have received the following email from Ryan Caldwell:

Dear Martin,

I wanted to let you know that your blog made it to the semi-finalist round of the Blogger Appreciation Awards. Our judges looked over thousands of nominations and yours was only one of 200 (less than 10% of the submissions) that has been recognized for blogging excellence. While you did not make the final round of voting (which starts today), you should feel proud of this accomplishment, knowing that we determined your blog to be in the top 10% of all submissions. Your site will be listed along with all the semi-finalists, finalists and winners when the contest is over.

We encourage you to let your readers know about your accomplishment by featuring this badge on your blog:

free cell phone contest


Ryan Caldwell
The Blogger Appreciation Awards

I found about this contest via Paula's post, Contest Awards Free Cell Phone Service For A Year, at Small Business CEO.


"Going John Galt on"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I will work hard to set up a good workflow system during this month. I have created a new label / category called "workflow". Be prepared for posts on how to get things done on a regular basis. I will share some #GTD ("getting things done" by David Allen) related tidbits from my weekly review, tickler file, project plans, reference stuff, etc.

I have decided to purchase a Pulse Smartpen (1 GB) from SpeechCom. (Pages in Swedish.)

It will be a handy dandy tool for my involvement in a new online business venture. I could capture "notes-to-self", with the handwritten notes linked to an audio recording, as a preparation for new blog posts, to-do-lists, minutes of meetings, etc. I will be able to upload and share my notes on a community site. You could follow the company behind the pen, Livescribe, on Twitter.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Here is an excerpt from U.S. Common Sense's website review of EGO [Editor's note: Please read the comments on the post.]:

EGO derives its name from Egoist; a person who is devoted to their own interest and advancement. It is this ideal that many American’s possessed to become successful. It is also a good description of bloggers everywhere - including myself – since we strive to advance our understanding of politics while exploring our interests in a public format. In his quest for advancement, Martin provides the readers three formats to choose from in order to learn about his positions and views on economics and politics. When I first started writing this review, I wasn’t sure how to address this without including his other two sites in the review as well. This multi-site format is unique to our current list of reviewed websites, so let me take a moment to cover them in brief.

The first site is Martin’s primary blog. EGO is a multipurpose website (a “pundit style” as he calls it) covering politics, capitalism, blogging, religion, military, and more. Narrowing the scope of the review down to politics and capitalism, you get a good sense of where he would fit within the American society. With a keen interest in U.S. free-market system and philosophical references to Ayn Rand, Martin could easily find a home in the United States. If you look at his post “Christopher Cox at the Securities and Exchange Commission,” you get a feel of his pundit style. With 20 separate links in one post, Martin discusses the appointment of Mr. Cox to the SEC and the criticisms and praises Cox received for his acceptance of the philosophy of Ayn Rand towards corporations and free enterprise. (, February 26, 2009.)

I will contribute with links and materials to Political Blog Weekly section now and then. Please feel free to send me tips on interesting stuff that could fit. I will inform U.S. Common Sense about Paul Hsieh's post, Ayn Rand and the Tea Party Protests, for the next edition.