Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I will work hard to set up a good workflow system during this month. I have created a new label / category called "workflow". Be prepared for posts on how to get things done on a regular basis. I will share some #GTD ("getting things done" by David Allen) related tidbits from my weekly review, tickler file, project plans, reference stuff, etc.

I have decided to purchase a Pulse Smartpen (1 GB) from SpeechCom. (Pages in Swedish.)

It will be a handy dandy tool for my involvement in a new online business venture. I could capture "notes-to-self", with the handwritten notes linked to an audio recording, as a preparation for new blog posts, to-do-lists, minutes of meetings, etc. I will be able to upload and share my notes on a community site. You could follow the company behind the pen, Livescribe, on Twitter.

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  1. you can buy in europe from spain in www.livescribe.es