Monday, May 31, 2010


How do you commemorate Memorial Day? Read Gus Van Horn's post, A One Man Army.

Brothers in Arms


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Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have updated the Wibiya toolbar. Please spread the good word by sharing the posts via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Buzz, BizSugar or by email. This feature is powered by AddThis. If you want to support my blogging, please click on the red heart and you will be transferred to PayPal's site in order to make a donation. If you like a post, click on the Facebook "like" icon. You could also go to EGO fan page, Twitter dashboard and Google Buzz if you want to continue the conversation.

From the post, I Wish Facebook Was MORE Open!!! by Robert Scoble:

Now excuse me, I’m off to click “like” on some more things and, even, have added a new bar from Wibiya where you can see other people who have clicked like on my blog. (, May 9, 2010.)

Related: My post,  NEW FEATURES ON EGO BLOG.

UPDATE 05/31/10:

Check out Robert Scoble's interview with Dror Cede, CEO and Co-Founder of Wibiya.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Listen to my interview with John Cox. You could subscribe to the RSS feed (iTunes) and download the audio file (MP3, WMA). I will update this post with show notes, links, etc.

UPDATE 05/24/10:

From John Cox's post, Yakking It Up with Martin Lindeskog:

I recently had a nice long interview (60 minutes) with Marting Lindeskog who runs EGO, his blog out of Sweden.

Martin did a neat job of guiding the conversation around to all my favorite subjects: the creative process, the Cox and Forkum days and what it's like running my own blog.

You can catch it all here, funny lisp and all. (, May 23, 2010.)

I will add some notes from the show during the day...

Timeline with show notes:

(~08:00) Gallery show: EGO Interview, INTERVIEW WITH JOHN COX & ALLEN FORKUM.

COX: Ultimately, I'd love to see our work in a big gallery show. Think of a nice airy room with cream walls and hundreds of original drawings all matted and glassed. Bottles of cabernets and pinot grigio piled near a bandstand oozing delicious jazz music across the room. Kind of a celebration of art and ideas. Until then, though, I'm thrilled with the possibilities of where the drawings can lead us. I tell everyone, You ain't seen nothing yet.

Cartoon Title: A Dream Becomes A Nightmare

(~09:00) Media photo: Meanwhile, in Berlin..., Local Props, Auction of Original Caricatures (Ayatollah Khamenei & Mahmoud Ahmadinejad), Caricature Show.

(~15:00) Black & White World books.

(~24:00) Ayn Rand Lexicon: Purpose, Trader Principle.
(~28:00) EGO banner process: EGO UNDER A ROUGH BANNER, Banner Rough, Step 2: Blog Banner in Progress, STEP 3: PRESTO!.


(~34:00) Frank Frazetta and Michael Patrick Ramirez.

(~38:00) Final Bow.

(~39:00) Allen Forkum's Automotive Report.

Illustration Gig


Matamoros is now available!

(~46:00) Oil On Canvas.


(~48:00) Sci-fi authors. [Editor's note to John: Could you provide the names?]

(~50:00) Caricature contest & auction. [Editor's note: More details will come in the future. Please show your interest by writing a comment here or on John's blog, or on EGO fan ("like") page.]

Monday, May 17, 2010


This Make-A-Referral-Monday I want to refer you to a longtime friend, Christer Sjöback of SJC Gold and Silver Handicrafts, and a new acquaintance. The title is inspired by BNI's new network project called BNI Connect and a reference to a part of the business name (GlobalReach Copywriting) of my new connection, Ann-Christin Lindstedt of

From the post, Episode 154: “25 Years of BNI”:

BNI is now working on the single largest project in its history: BNI Connect, which not only integrates an online social network with the in-person networking, but connects chapters around the world to each other. Watch for the catchphrase “Local Business, Global Network,” which BNI has trademarked. (, 05/12/10)

Christer wants to reach new customers in North America and Ann-Christin wants to establish new business relations in Scandinavia.

What do you say? Could you give referrals to Christer Sjöback and Ann-Christin Lindstedt?

Say What?

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Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have decided to remove some of the ads for the time being.

From my post, ADS POPPING UP:

I will test a mix of different advertising options and evaluate them during some time. My goal is to continue to build up the traffic to my EGO blog, publish interesting, enjoyable and valuable content and continue the conversation and exchange of ideas with my fellow bloggers, readers, and friends through this blog, Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, LinkdedIn, etc.

I am especially interested in fostering my relation with BlogAds ("Blog advertising makes opinion.") and see if I could attract some new advertisers. I will place an ad on a blog sometime in the future. I will see if some of my future guests on my podcast show on SolidVox could be interested in advertising on EGO.

I am thinking of adding a "featured item" section on my blog, with books that I have discussed on my blog.

It will be interesting to see how it works out with the new premium ad feature by Chitika. (EGO, 02/14/09.)

I am searching for affiliate programs that could become a good fit. Read Chris Brogan's post, My Worry Reduction Buttons- Affiliate Marketing. Found via Chris Garrett's post, Why I Switched to the Headway Premium Theme for WordPress.

If you want to join the next generation of communication platforms, you should check out GreenWin Network. [Editor's note & full disclosure: Affiliate link.] As a member you could call other members free of charge.

Do you have any comments on the layout of the blog? Blogger has introduced a new template designer.

Photo taken at an exhibition (Innovesign 2010 - Lindholmen Design & Product Development) at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Morris is a cool cat as always and says that EGO should join Friday Ark #295 and then check out Flattr...[Editor's note: Thank you Navid Modiri & David Stiernholm for the invite code.]

From Miikka Kukkosuo's post, Flattr Enables Social Micropayments For All Content On The Web:

Flattr is a new Swedish service enabling easy microtransactions, or social donations, for the whole web. Flattr wants to make it easy for people to share money in addition to content on the web, and thus allow content producers to get income on their work. The service is currently in closed beta, but I got an account to take a closer look.

In practice, every Flattr member needs to pay at least 2 euros per month (you can up to 5/10/20 as well). Then, during each month, you discover content on the web that you really like, be it text, audio, video, or something else, and you want to “flatter” the creator. You then click a small button the content creator has placed on her site. After each month is over, your monthly allowance (e.g., 2 euros) is divided evenly to all of the content creators whose work you have “flattred” during the month. Flattr itself takes 10% cut initially. (ArcticStartup, 05/05/10.)

[Editor's note: Please click the button if you want test the Flattr service and support my blogging.]

Monday, May 10, 2010


After reading Ivana Taylor's post, The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself, I decided to start a new open thread meme post on Mondays. From John Jantsch's The Referral Engine book site:

The idea made it into The Referral Engine and is explained in the excerpt below.

To drive the message of referral marketing home in your business, designate Referral Mondays. On Mondays, every member of the organization’s stated and charted goal is to refer someone to another business. These referrals can go to strategic partners or to your uncle Louie’s catering business, as long as you can match someone in need with a best-of-class solution. You can take your efforts out into the world and advertise and recruit others to join in. Post your Make-a-Referral Monday initiative in your newsletter, on your blog, and through social networks such as Twitter. (

I joined a BNI (Business Network International) chapter in Gothenburg called Quality Hotel Panorama team on April 30. At the meeting I referred Egestam Marketing to Paula Widén of Wideum Garden. During our future breakfast meetings, I will make referrals to my fellow BNI members:

Please give your referrals in the comment section.

Listen to Anita Campbell's interview and Wayne Hurlbert's interview with John Jantsch.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010


I had planned to publish my annual blog report VIII on my 8th blogiversary on May 7, but it got stuck in the pipeline! ;) After eight years of blogging, I thought I could celebrate, so I went to 3 Små Rum (3 small rooms in Swedish) pub and had one bottle of Three Philosophers beer.

Drinking Three Philosophers beer. Celebrating my 8th blogiversary. Cheers! EGO #GoodThing — at Tre Små Rum than a minute ago via Gowalla

[Editor's note: Tweet screen shot "baked" by Blackbird Pie of Twitter Media.]

Three Philosophers Beer

[Editor's comment: Do you have suggestions for the three philosophers? I pick: Aristole, Ayn Rand and Dr. Leonard Peikoff.]

Last year I wrote down the following points:

  • Strive to become a thought leader by attending Larry Genkin's Thought Leadership Marketing Mastery eCourse.
  • Write e-pamphlets / e-books on topics like the trader principle and hot & spicy stuff.
  • Assist and work together with "Charlie Bloom" on the start-up of NetZpider Network.
  • Continue with the podcast interviews on a regular basis. Please come with suggestions on guests and topics you are interested in.
  • Write pieces for other blogs, e.g., Open Forum by American Express. I am very glad that I have the opportunity to contribute with material to Anita Campbell's Small Business Trends.
  • Lead courses on social media this autumn. [EGO, ANNUAL BLOG REPORT VII, 05/07/09.]

I will be in contact with Larry Genkin and discuss his plan for "Personal Marketing Secret." I will read Helena Bouchez's white paper, Unique and Great and Visible: Three qualities of recognized industry experts. I found it via Susan Bratton's podcast (Helena Bouchez on Becoming a Recognized Marketing Expert).

In order to offer a valuable service to my clients who are interested personal branding and their online reputation, I have applied for ReputationDefender's affiliate program.

The e-pamphlet / e-book is still on the drawing board...

According to Kalle Blomqvist (a.k.a "Charlie Bloom"), NetZpider will be launched at Sharea (Sharea = Share + Area) in Gothenburg, on May 21.

I have had three courses on social media so far and we (Sensus and EGO) have planned to have a workshop in June and a new course in the autumn.

For my blogging plans, here is an excerpt from my post, AFTER EIGHT YEARS OF BLOGGING:

I want to continue to write pieces for other blogs, e.g., Open Forum by American Express. I am very glad that I have the opportunity to contribute with material to Anita Campbell's Small Business Trends and Small Business Trend Radio. I enjoy being a moderator at the social bookmarking and networking site BizSugar. I have received an offer from the marketing manager of ClearSense (part of European Directories) to start writing guest blog posts. (EGO, 05/03/10)

My main focus now is to get a good start with my new series of podcast interviews on Blog Talk Radio. First out is John Cox on May 23.

And now time for some stats...


Invesp landing page optimization
Powered By Invesp

Thanks for reading this annual blog report and for your support during these years! I want to end this post with a music piece (Gene Krupa - Kick It) on SwiftFM.

Monday, May 3, 2010


I have now been blogging for almost eight years. I will post my annual blog report on May 7. I have decided to start a new series of podcasting shows on Blog Talk Radio. First out is John Cox on May 23. I have asked the following individuals in the past, if they were interested in participating in my podcast:

I am planning to start out with an interview every month and then later on increase the schedule with a show every week or two. I want to build a bank of potential guests over time, so please give me your suggestions on topics and guests. Do you want to participate as a co-host now and then?

Listen to my Cinch cast for my thoughts on the format of the podcast, tech. questions, etc.

In order to continue my journey as a social media enthusiast, I will strive to become a thought leader on how you could use new online tools for gathering business intelligence information and then implement the data through the whole organization, including the value and supply chain. For this purpose, I will set up Ego Sole Trader on Squarespace's platform. [Editor's note & full disclosure: Associate tag link.]

I want to continue to write pieces for other blogs, e.g., Open Forum by American Express. I am very glad that I have the opportunity to contribute with material to Anita Campbell's Small Business Trends and Small Business Trend Radio. I enjoy being a moderator at the social bookmarking and networking site BizSugar. I have received an offer from the marketing manager of ClearSense (part of European Directories) to start writing guest blog posts.

Watch "No one leaves" ad for After Eight and then enjoy the blogiversary party on May 7!

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