Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have updated the Wibiya toolbar. Please spread the good word by sharing the posts via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Buzz, BizSugar or by email. This feature is powered by AddThis. If you want to support my blogging, please click on the red heart and you will be transferred to PayPal's site in order to make a donation. If you like a post, click on the Facebook "like" icon. You could also go to EGO fan page, Twitter dashboard and Google Buzz if you want to continue the conversation.

From the post, I Wish Facebook Was MORE Open!!! by Robert Scoble:

Now excuse me, I’m off to click “like” on some more things and, even, have added a new bar from Wibiya where you can see other people who have clicked like on my blog. (, May 9, 2010.)

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UPDATE 05/31/10:

Check out Robert Scoble's interview with Dror Cede, CEO and Co-Founder of Wibiya.

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