Tuesday, April 29, 2003


From today's Washington Times:

"Asked whether France and Russia would be penalized for opposing U.S. efforts to oust Saddam, Mr. Wolfowitz said, "I think there are going to be consequences.""


UPDATE 05/02/03: Read Timothy Garton Ash's article, Grumpy old men. [Via Watch.]


Is this a sign of a "rift between America and Saudi Arabia"?

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Thursday, April 24, 2003


Luckily enough, we don't "celebrate" the Earth Day in Sweden... yet... Read James Lileks' post on this topic. It is time to "save the earth from the environmentalists."

Tuesday, April 22, 2003


From the Boston Globe, 04/20/03: "Chanting ''down with the mullahs,'' thousands of Iranian exiles demonstrated yesterday against the Islamic government in Tehran." The National Council of Resistance of Iran arranged the demonstration. The dilemma is that the military wing of the NCRI, the National Liberation Army of Iran (a.k.a. People's Mojahedin Organization) has been listed as a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union.

Armen Saginian is working for the secularization of Iran. [Via Rantburg.]

Read Jeff Jarvis' post, Free Sina Motallebi. [Via InstaPundit.]

UPDATE 04/24/03: More information on Sina Motallebi. [Via InstaPundit.] Read Mark Glaser's article, Weblogs Unite to Protest Detained Iranian Blogger.

I hope to see another deck of cards on the market. Be prepared for the "Iranian Most-Wanted playing cards" with the leading Mullahs as the face cards. Maybe I will find this product after July 9... [Via InstaPundit.]


I have added my blogchalking icon to the About category.

Monday, April 21, 2003


I have added BlogShares to the Resources category. "BlogShares is a fantasy stock market for weblogs."

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Saturday, April 19, 2003


Read Aaron Weisburd's post, The terrorist web sites of New Jersey. [Via Little Green Footballs.]

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I still believe that Iran is the most important target in the war against terrorist nations, but as the situation is now, maybe it is best to attack Syria as soon as possible.

For a hard hitting answer on how to deal with the problem of terrorism, read Chip Joyce's post, The simplicity of ending terrorism.

In the news:
Regimes who worry that they will be next.
Bush vetoes Syria war plan.
Syrian Power Play.
Italian police link Syria to al Qaeda extremists. Nation served as way station for terror recruits, probe finds. [Link via Internet Haganah and Little Green Footballs.]


Do you want to play a game of poker? I wouldn't mind to have my own deck of playing cards by the U.S. Department of Defense, but I think it could be hard to get my hands on an authentic deck of the Personality Identification Playing Cards. I probably have to get the Iraqi 'Most-Wanted' Deck of Playing Cards from this source instead. This is the "hand" at this moment:

Seven of diamonds (#32 [55]) - Amir Hamudi Hasan al-Sadi.
Five of spades (#37 [51]) - Watban Ibrahim Hasan al Tikriti.
Five of clubs (#38 [52]) - Barzan Ibrahim Hasan al Tikriti.
Four of clubs (#42 [24]) - Samir abd al Aziz al Najm.
Eight of diamonds (#28 [45]) - Hikmat al Azzawi.

UPDATE 04/21/03: Check out Patio Pundit's Iraqi Most-Wanted Scorecard. [Via N.Z. Bear.]
Four of hearts (#43 [54]) - Abd al-Khaliq Abd al-Gafar.
Nine of clubs (#22 [40]) - Jamal Mustafa Abdallah Sultan al Tikriti.
Queen of spades (#9 [18]) - Muhammad Hamza al-Zubaydi.
Check the Iraqi 55 Most Wanted Status @ the United States Central Command.

UPDATE 04/24/03: U.S. Orders Stack Up for Iraqi 'Most Wanted' Cards.
Queen of diamonds (#12 [10]) - Muzahim Sa'b Hassan al Tikriti.
Seven of hearts (#31 [21]) - Zuhayr Talib Abd al Sattar al Naqib.
Six of hearts (#35 [48]) - Muhammad Mahdi al-Salih.
Eight of spades (#25 [43]) - Tariq Aziz.

UPDATE 04/27/03: Read Beth Gillin's article, A winning hand.
Six of clubs (#34 [49]) - Hossam Mohammed Amin.

UPDATE 04/29/03: We have a full house!
Six of spades (#33 [47]) - Amir Rashid Muhammad al Ubaydi.
Eight of clubs (#26 [44]) - Walid Hamid Tawfiq al-Tikriti.

UPDATE 05/01/03: Do you want to play a computer game? Silver Creek Entertainment is announcing the release of the Iraqi Most Wanted Solitaire computer game.

Most Wanted

For more cartoons like this, check out John Cox & Allen Forkum's book, Black & White World.

UPDATE 05/02/03: Wow! I have a hard time to keep up with the updates...
Nine of hearts (#23 [41]) - Mizban Khidir Hadi.
Ten of hearts (#19 [16]) - Abd al Tawab Mullah Huwaysh.
Nine of diamonds (#24 [42]) - Taha Muhyl al Din Maruf.

UPDATE 05/05/03: Card-Carrying Civilians.
Five of hearts (#39 [53]) - Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash.

UPDATE 05/11/03: I have added the "Iraqi Most Wanted" list as a quick link to my post, DECK OF CARDS, to the War on Terrorism category. I think it is good to have the list on the side bar on the front page as a reminder. I will continue to update the list as they hunt down Saddam and his gang.

Two of hearts (#51 [32]) - Ghazi Hamud al Adib.

If you are interested to know more about the individuals who came up with the idea of a "Most Wanted" card deck, read the post, Royal flush.

You could download the Iraq Playing Cards Screen Saver @ Galt Technology's web site.

In the news: These decks are a big deal. Related: Deck of Weasels from NewsMax.com.

UPDATE 05/12/03: Jack of spades (#13 [11]) - Ibrahim Ahmad Abd al Sattar Muhammad al Tikriti.

UPDATE 05/27/03:

The Central Command has reshuffled the "deck" and revised the most wanted list.

King of diamonds (#8) - Aziz Salih al-Numan.
Queen of hearts (#10) - Kamal Mustafa Abdallah Sultan al-Tikriti.
Three of clubs (#46) - Sayf al-Din al-Mashhadani.
Three of hearts (#47) - Fadil Mahmud Gharib.
Two of clubs (#50) - Uglah Abid Saqir al-Kubaysi.
Two of diamonds (#52) - Adil Abdallah Mahdi al-Duri al-Tikriti.
Three of spades (#55) - Sad Abd al-Majid al-Faysal.

Is Saddam Hussein's son Uday the next guy in line to catch?

In the news: Playing Cards Continue Military Tradition.

UPDATE 06/14/03:

Less than half of the deck left!

Ten of spades (#17) - Hamid Raja Shalah al-Tikriti.
Ten of clubs (#18) - Latif Nusayyif al-Jasim al-Dulaymi
Seven of clubs (#30) - Ayad Futayyih Khalifa al-Rawi.
Card? [Via The Command Post.] (#53) - Husayn al-Awadi.

In the news: E-Mail Message Blitz Creates What May Be Fastest Fad Ever.

UPDATE 06/18/03:

From Voice of America: US Captures No. 4 on Iraqi Most-Wanted List.

Ace of diamonds (#4) - Abid Hamid Mahmud al-Tikriti.

UPDATE 07/09/03:

Nine of hearts (#23) - Mizban Khudr al-Hadi.
Seven of spades (#29) - Mahmud Dhiyab al-Ahmad.

Who will be the 35th person to be captured? Is Saddam dead or alive?

Related news: Saddam 'spy' arrested in Chicago.

UPDATE 07/23/03:

Ace of clubs (#2) - Qusay Saddam Husayn (Hussein) al-Tikriti.
Ace of hearts (#3) - Uday Saddam Husayn (Hussein) al-Tikriti.
Queen of hearts (#11) - Barzan Abd Al-Ghafur Sulayman Majid Al-Tikriti.

Steven Den Beste has a list of strange reactions to the deaths of Qusay and Uday Hussein.

For more cartoons like this, check out John Cox & Allen Forkum's book, Black & White World.

UPDATE 08/03/03:

This is not an actual update of the "Iraqi Most Wanted" list, but I guess that the United States Central Command will publish a news release in the near future...

Chip Joyce, editor of About The War.com, predicts that Saddam Hussein will be captured or killed by August 15. You could put your own bet on the "Saddam Hussein Conclusion" @ TradeSports.com. Talking about gambling, check out Boomshock's post "Iraq's Most Wanted Poker Update" and Dr. Weevil's Ba�ath Poker.

In the news:
At Funeral for Hussein Sons, a Call for 'Death to America'.
U.S. Troops Hunt Saddam as Tribesmen Bury His Sons.
Another 'Saddam' Tape Airs.
Hot on Saddam's Trail.
U.S. Troops Raid Suspected Saddam Loyalists in Iraq.

For more up-to-date news, go to the Command Post.

UPDATE 08/09/03:

Seven of spades (#29) - Mahmud Dhiyab al-Ahmad. The former Iraqi Minister of Interior had already been reported as captured... Maybe it was his double they caught a month ago?!

UPDATE 08/19/03:

Ten of diamonds (#20) - Taha Yassin Ramadan al-Jizrawi, Iraqi Vice President.

In the news: Playing card maker dealing Dean hand.

UPDATE 08/21/03:

King of spades (#5) - Ali Hassan al-Majid, Presidential Advisor. Saddam's cousin, nicknamed "Chemical Ali" has been captured.

UPDATE 09/19/03:

Eight of hearts (#27) - Sultan Hashim Ahmad Al-Jabburi Al-Tai, Iraqi Minister of Defense.

Check out the "Iraqi 'Most Wanted' - Full Captured List" @ GreatUSAflags.com. The company has a new product for sale: "The World's Most Wanted Criminals" playing cards.

UPDATE 09/26/03:

This is not really an update, but I had to write a post after reading that a French leftist has produced a deck of cards called "Bush Regime Deck." Thierry Meyssan has published a book with the title, "9-11: The Big Lie."

In the news: U.S. Forces Hold 19 Al Qaeda Suspects in Iraq.

UPDATE 10/14/03: Saddam 'may be in Tikrit'.

UPDATE 12/02/03:

It's not officially confirmed by the United States Central Command yet, but I have added King of clubs (#6) - Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri, Deputy Secretary General, to my "Iraqi Most Wanted" list. [Via InstaPundit.]

UPDATE 12/03/03: "Dictatorial duck billed diplodocus!" Iraq's second most wanted slips away

UPDATE 12/14/03:

Great news! The #1 of the Iraqi Most Wanted has been checked off the list. Saddam Hussein has been captured (alive) in Ad Dawr, about 8 miles (~13 km) south of his hometown Tikrit. He has been hiding in a "spider hole" under a farmhouse.

Ace of spades (#1) - Saddam Hussein (Husayn).

For more information, go to the Command Post.

UPDATE 12/15/03:

In the news: Report: Saddam Tells Interrogators 'No WMD'.

For more cartoons like this, check out John Cox & Allen Forkum's book, Black & White World.

Check out the slideshow to General Sanchez's brief on the Operation "Red Dawn." Watch the movie, Red Dawn.

UPDATE 12/29/03:

I hope that the $1 million bounty on the remaining names on the Iraqi Most Wanted list (the "Dirty Dozen" + Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri @ $10 million) will pay off well... You will get back that kind of money, if you find the money Saddam has "deposited in Switzerland, Germany, Japan and other countries."

UPDATE 02/03/04:

In the news: Iraqi Earns $1 Million for Tip Leading to Insurgent's Capture.

No card available - (#54) Khamis Sirhan al-Muhammad. Captured on January 11.

Maybe the Politburo Diktat's "DemCom Deck of Cards for Operation Bloggi Freedom" will end up at the British Museum in London?

UPDATE 02/16/04:

Three of diamonds (#48) - Muhsin Khadr al-Khafaji. Captured on February 7.

Four of spades (#41) - Muhammad Zimam abd al-Razzaq al-Sadun.

The U.S. Central Command's list of the "Iraqi 55 Most Wanted" is starting to look like "Ten Little Ba'athists" to paraphrase the title of Agatha Christie's novel, Ten Little Indians (a.k.a. And Then There Were None).

Look at this picture, shortly after the arrest. What's up with the head gear? He doesn't look too happy... Commissar / Natasha @ the Politburo Diktat are not happy campers... ;) [Editor: Commissar, maybe you should get your hands on "The House of Cards: Deck of Bush"...]

In the news:
Here is an excerpt from an interview (by Sean Dodson) with Jeremy Botter ("Letters from Iraq"):

"I'm a medic with Apache Troop of the 1-10 Cavalry. Our mission is to do the things that no other unit wants to do or can do. Our unit has been instrumental in capturing 10 of the people on the Iraqi Most Wanted playing cards, including Saddam Hussein." (The Guardian, 01/22/04.)

UPDATE 09/05/04:

It is more than six months since I updated my post, DECK OF CARDS, i.e. a complete list of "Iraqi Most Wanted." [Editor's update: Wizbang is "questioning" the timing of the announcement and Petrified Truth is asking: Ten million dollar man caught or not?]

King of clubs (#6) - Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri.

Go to The Command Post and Rantburg for reports on new signs of Osama bin Laden in the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Could the rumor about the capture of Saddam Hussein's right-hand be linked to the shutdown of Al-Jazeera and the new US-funded satellite channel, Al-Hurra?

The Guardian journalist, Rory McCarthy, reports from Baghdad [via Diggers Realm]:

The error was all the more embarrassing because Iraqi officials chose to break the news to al-Hurra, the new, US-funded satellite channel which was intended to bring a more reliable and credible news service to the Arab world. (Error over Saddam deputy, Guardian Unlimited, 09/06/04.)

If you want to know how popular the new channel is in the Middle East, read Paul Cochrane's article, Is Al-Hurra Doomed? Here is an excerpt:

Radical leftist writer and Middle East analyst Tariq Ali, during a recent visit to Beirut, told The Daily Star that Al-Hurra was like Pravda (Truth), the official newspaper of the Soviet Union that was notorious for its propaganda. "Like Fox TV News, it is 100 percent U.S. propaganda," he said. He contended that it wouldn't be able to rival other pan-Arab channels, despite the mixed reviews Al-Jazeera gets in certain political circles. "The Arab left hate Al-Jazeera, but given that the world is dominated by U.S. images, it is a breath of fresh air," Ali said. (World Press Review, 06/11/04.)

Al-Jazeera has supporters at the Brock University in Canada. Here is an excerpt from Sean Wilson's article, Why Al-Jazeera is important for Iraqi democracy:

Can anyone else see the bias and special interests here? How can this network report the pulse of the people if it is so selective? Can a television network created to service the Middle East, broadcasted from the United States really report the news that Iraqi people want to see, or deserve? (The Brock Press, 09/03/04.)

Do you want to "kill" some time until the next update? How about playing a game of "Iraqi Most Wanted" Solitaire?

UPDATE 02/27/05:

It was a long time since I updated the deck of cards of Iraqi Most Wanted. Saddam's half-brother is now captured!

Six of diamonds (#36) - Sabawi Ibrahim al-Hasan al-Tikriti, Presidential Advisor. It looks like it is only 11 people left on the Iraqi 55 Most Wanted list to catch.

Wednesday, April 2, 2003


Here are two great events:

April 3: The Morality of Life: An Introduction to the Principles and Implications of Ayn Rand�s Ethics at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. By Craig Biddle. [Via The Rule of Reason.]

April 6: America vs. Americans at Ford Hall Forum in Boston. By Dr. Leonard Peikoff. [Via Dollars & Crosses.]

UPDATE 04/09/03: Dr. Peikoff's lecture, America Versus Americans, is now available @ WGBH Forum Network. [Hat tip to C.S.] Please read Paul Blair's post, What a Backbone Stiffener: Leonard Peikoff at the Ford Hall Forum.

Tuesday, April 1, 2003


For more cartoons like this, check out John Cox & Allen Forkum's book, Black & White World.

Here are some quotes from the book, on page 8:

Forkum: The first attempts to undermine America's resolve to wage war came from the (supposed) pacifists, who demanded that the attacks be treated as crimes not acts of war. This would have meant bringing justice merely to those directly involved, most of whom conveniently committed suicide in their attacks.

Cox: The war cartoons had all the makings of some of my most energetic work. The challenge of conveying conflict, patriotism, perseverance and justice - all with the backdrop of deadly action - was definitely right in my wheelhouse.

In the news:
Syria lashes back at U.S. over `short-sighted' war.
The Other End of the Gun -- the Arab Focus on the War.
Syria edging closer to Iraq.

Thank You!! Stand Up and Be Counted...

I received the following e-mail from Holly Valliant, San Diego, CA:

I want to thank all the Hollywood individuals who have stood up and let their voices be heard about the war. I think that it is important to know where Society�s idols stand on such important issues. The influence Hollywood Stars have on many individuals can hardly be denied. And yet, so often in the past their personal opinions have been managed by agents and publicists. I am glad this has changed. I hope all Stars follow their example.

It is now clear to me that Susan Sarandon and George Clooney have no regard for human life. It is now clear to me that Sean Penn and Michael Moore don�t care if a leader makes war against his own people. It is now clear to me that Woody Harrelson and Mike Farrell have no problem with pouring gas on people and lighting them on fire. Or, to be precise, is it more important to people like Martin Sheen to bring the President down rather than remove such a tyrant?

Wow, I am glad you spoke up. I would have never have accused anyone of such an attitude without such a confession, or proof.

If one starts mutilating and attacking people with chemical weapons, that one should be prepared to be �taken out�. These tyrants should fear being �taken out�. And it can only help if it known to all that those who mutilate and attack with chemical weapons might be �taken out�.

What issue is most important? The Stars� ability to influence social policy? Saddam�s privacy rights? The basic right to life denied the millions murdered by dictators?

For myself, I find one mutilation one too many. For myself, I find one chemical gas attack on a neighboring people one too many. For myself, I find one dismemberment one too many.

Thank you, American Movie Stars, for letting me know how you really feel about freedom and individual rights. In this day and age one has to consider carefully where, and on who, to spend their hard-earned movie money. I will remember all this quite clearly when I make my movie viewing choices next season, and that goes for music too, Dixie Chicks.

The Stars want their private life kept separate from their public life. Most of them crave privacy. Now, some of them want the public movie viewing audience to be influenced by their personal opinions. Public opinions that condone mass murder, biological warfare, and mutilation. Well, I accept. I will be influenced by their personal opinions.

Thank you, George, Susan, Tim, Sean... I sincerely hope others will stand up and be counted.