Thursday, May 18, 2017

EGO Interview with Alex Genadinik Part One

The interview with Alex Genadinik was recorded on March 7, with the Ringr app.
[Editor's note: This interview is divided into two parts due to technical problem with my iPhone. More about this issue in a future solo show episode of my podcast. Listen to part II here. ^ML]
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Check out this episode!

Monday, May 15, 2017


I have now been blogging for 15 years and published 2778 posts. Pageviews so far: 911,000.

I haven't been active on this blog during the year, but I will keep blogging here now and then. I have set up this blog as a destination through my podcast host, Libsyn, so new episodes of EGO NetCast will automatically show up here as blog posts.

I will do an update on my birthday on May 25 with a special podcast episode, celebrating 15 years as a blogger. I will also do a live streaming session, thanking the backers and supporters of my first forthcoming book on tea, with illustrations by John Cox.

2017-05-15 🔜December 16. Boston Tea Party.

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