Tuesday, March 30, 2010


How will you celebrate Easter? I will watch Lasse Hallstrom's movie, Chocolat. I will take some time and go through my post, FOOD FOR THOUGHT, and plan for the future.

Please listen to my Easter greeting.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have postponed the "GoodThing in Life" carnival and I will publish the old entries sometime later on. I plan to do it during the spring. [Editor's note: Spring forward & fall back?! Check out this Daylight Saving Time "cloud."] As a "chile head," I want to do something with hot & spicy stuff in the future. Maybe a compilation post with links to "extreme food" things now and then?

I am planning the new chile pepper season and I have to pick seeds to plant in the near future. I will perhaps buy some new varieties, but I have to decide it pretty soon in order to get going. Do you have any chile pepper and paprika favorites?

Chile pepper and paprika seeds

One of my favorite dishes is spare ribs with coleslaw. I spiced it up with jalapeño sauce, chipotle sauce and Blair's habanero potato chips.

Spare ribs and coleslaw

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Friday, March 12, 2010


EGO business card

Check out my new EGO business card! I have used EGO blog banner logotype by John Cox on one side of the card and on the inside you could find my contact information and a description of my business services. The tweet inspired text with a "cartoon bubble" (What's happening?) is saying:

Martin Lindeskog is a social media enthusiast and a "Trader in Matter & Spirit"

Listen to my thoughts on the creation of the new business card.

Thanks to Intensio for coming up with the idea and the design of the card. Thanks to ABC-Tryck for printing the cards.

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Morris the Cat

Listen to an audio podcast with Morris the cat.

UPDATE 03/14/10: Check out Friday Ark #286.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Midweek 10 Bookmark List

Here is a new batch of books on my reading list:

Listen to my reading from chapter 1, The Economics of Influence, p. 7-8.

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I got an used BlackBerry Curve 8310 Smartphone some months ago, as a backup for my old Qtech 9100 (HTC) smartphone. I agree with Brian Tong that the BlackBerry phone is "über comfortable" to hold in your hand and I like the keyboard. But I must say that the learning curve is a bit steep for my taste, so I haven't really used it to its full potential. I will use it for my regular phone calls, SMS and as an alarm clock.

Fast forward sometime and here comes the iPhone 3G by Apple! I saw a special campaign at Telenor (link to Telenor Trainee Blog) in Gothenburg and went to the store and talked to a service minded salesperson. The phone contract is for two years and I get unlimited mobile surf for circa $28 per month. I think that I will use the iPhone more as a productivity and communication tool, than a regular mobile phone.

I wonder what will happen when the iPad is entering the market. Will it become the new entertainment gadget?

I have added the following applications ("apps") on my iPhone:

  • Gowalla - "The easiest way to share places you go with your friends."

  • Evernote - "Welcome to your notable world."

  • Wikiamo - "Wikiamo is an intuitive, Safari-like Wikipedia viewer for your iPhone and iPod Touch."

"How I use my smartphone" by Eva Wieselgren.

Martin Lindeskog is taking a picture with his iPhone 3G.

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