Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have postponed the "GoodThing in Life" carnival and I will publish the old entries sometime later on. I plan to do it during the spring. [Editor's note: Spring forward & fall back?! Check out this Daylight Saving Time "cloud."] As a "chile head," I want to do something with hot & spicy stuff in the future. Maybe a compilation post with links to "extreme food" things now and then?

I am planning the new chile pepper season and I have to pick seeds to plant in the near future. I will perhaps buy some new varieties, but I have to decide it pretty soon in order to get going. Do you have any chile pepper and paprika favorites?

Chile pepper and paprika seeds

One of my favorite dishes is spare ribs with coleslaw. I spiced it up with jalapeño sauce, chipotle sauce and Blair's habanero potato chips.

Spare ribs and coleslaw

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