Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Listen to my interview with Becky McCray. You could subscribe to the RSS feed (iTunes) and download the audio file (MP3).

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From Becky McCray's tweet:

Thank you @Lyceum for a thoughtful interview about small towns, tourism, and even blogs at http://tobtr.com/s/1207119

Timeline with show notes:

(~01:00) [Editor's note: Sorry for the slow start of the program. I had technical difficulties.]

(~03:00) Bio. introduction. "Many strings on the instrument."

(~05:00) Allen's Retail Liquor Store, Alva, Oklahoma.

(~07:00) Tourism Currents.

(~08:00) Tourism track with Sheila Scarborough at BlogWorld.

(~10:00) Jeff Pulver’s 140 Characters Conference (#140conf) in Hutchinson, Kansas.

(~16:00) Strawberry festival in Troy, Ohio.

(~20:00) Kansas Sampler Foundation.

(~24:00) Trader Principle. [Editor's note: Additional reading: Sense of Life and Benevolent Universe Premise.]

(~28:00) Listener "Dan" is calling in and asking a questions about Wordpress as a web site platform. Joomla is mentioned too.

(~30:00) Becky is mentioning Chris Brogan's post, Buy a Car Off the Internet? 

(~35:00) Becky is mentioning Shashi Bellamkonda of Network Solutions.

(~36:00) "Dan" is mentioning Just Host and Top Ten Reviews.

(~37:00) I mention Wordpress, Posterous, Tumblr and Squarespace [Editor's note: Click the affiliate links, if you want to support my blogging. I have built Ego Sole Trader and GOT Tea Party with Squarespace.]

(~38:00) Source of inspiration. [Editor's note: Click the Amazon affiliate links, if you want to support my blogging.] Favorite books:

(~42:00) New upcoming book together with Barry Moltz.

(~46:00) Mom's original margarita recipe and Persian Lime Martini.

Other people to interview:

(~49:00) Becky McCray's presence on the Internet:

(~50:00) The distance (7712 km) between Alva, Oklahoma, USA and Gothenburg, Sweden.

(~54:00) Thanks to today's technology, the industrial revolution, and a free society.

Becky is mentioning Hugh MacLeod's posts, the global microbrand rant, history of english cut, and smarter wine, cont’d… 

(~55:00) Becky is presenting a give-away of the printed booklet, 20 Small Business Ideas for Small Towns. [Editor's note: Stay tuned for instructions on how to have a chance to get a copy... Please show your interest by writing a comment here or on EGO fan ("like") page.]