Saturday, May 31, 2003


Prodos has arranged another activity: The June Walk to Celebrate Capitalism�. For more information, join the "Project Leaders Action Network" ("PLANET") and read message #626 on their mailing list at YahooGroups.


Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Monday, May 26, 2003


Read Andrew Bernstein's editorial, Honoring Virtue. On Memorial Day We Honor Those Who Lost Their Lives Fighting For Freedom and Rights.


What do you think of this statement by the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei: "The Americans know very well that any adventures in Iran will fail." I am not so sure about that. If you attack Iran in the right way, without any diplomatic tactics, it will be an easy target. Iran is a threat to our freedom and is an evil dictatorship based on militant Islam. Americans shouldn't have to live in fear and on high alert all the time. It is time to finish up things in Iraq and then move on to the next target. Iran has tried to buy time in order to "develop their own biological and chemical weapons."

Iran Says It Holds No Senior Al Qaeda Members according to a report by Reuters. John Cox and Allen Forkum's editorial cartoon, Terrorists?, illustrates the answer to the question. What's up his sleeves?

For more cartoons like this, check out John Cox & Allen Forkum's book, Black & White World.

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UPDATE 05/29/03: From the OpinionJournal's Best of the Web Today: Look Out, Ayatollahs.

UPDATE 06/02/03: The Mullahs' Manhattan Project. [Via Watch.]

UPDATE 06/12/03: Ayatollah warns Iran protesters.

Friday, May 23, 2003


My next post will cover a very serious issue, so I thought I would write something "lighter" in this post...

I reported on July 20, 2002, that the Meow Mix company had plans to produce a TV show for cats. Check out the premiere on May 30 on the Oxygen cable channel!


Will the "Dynamics of the Blogosphere" "save" the world?

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Wednesday, May 14, 2003


It is time for the grand opening! You could now go shopping @ EGO Online Store! You could purchase t-shirts, mousepad, and a sticker. If you are interested in buying a certain product, please contact me and I will add it to the store.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003


From Coming Soon!: "According to Variety, Phillip Anschutz's Crusader Entertainment has acquired film rights to Ayn Rand's bestselling novel Atlas Shrugged and tapped James V. Hart to write the screenplay." [Via Mark Wickens.]

UPDATE 05/19/03: Read Scott Holleran's interviews with Howard Baldwin, President and CEO of Crusader Entertainment, and with screenwriter, James Hart. [Hat tip to Betsy Speicher's CyberNet.]

By the way: I wonder why Crusader Entertainment's web site is not up and running.


What is going on in Iran? Are the mullahs starting to feel the heat?


Michael Moore: You should have a different title for the European movie market! 911 degrees Fahrenheit equals 488.33333333333337 degrees Celsius. I hope that Moore never will be able to finish this film project. Here is an investment advice (F.O.C.) to the Disney company. You will become a bunch of "poor and stupid white men" if you continue to pour money into this film project. Mark my words...



Stephen Joseph, a "public interest" lawyer (read "cry baby"), has filed a suit against Nabisco. Nabisco is the manufacturer of the delicious Oreo cookies. I think that S.J. should eat another cookie and then shut up...


Monday, May 12, 2003


I have added several items on my wish list and wish list. I have also created a new wish list (Wunschzettel in German) at I hope it will be possible to add Ayn Rand's books on the wish list at in the near future. Here is a list of books translated into German by the publisher, GEWIS.

Sunday, May 11, 2003


I have added the "Iraqi Most Wanted" list as a quick link to my post, DECK OF CARDS, to the War on Terrorism category. I think it is good to have the list on the side bar on the front page as a reminder. I will continue to update the list as they hunt down Saddam and his gang.

Two of hearts (#32) - Ghazi Hamud al Adib.

If you are interested to know more about the individuals who came up with the idea of a "Most Wanted" card deck, read the post, Royal flush.

You could download the Iraq Playing Cards Screen Saver @ Galt Technology's web site.

In the news: These decks are a big deal. Related: Deck of Weasels from

UPDATE 05/12/03: Jack of spades (#11) - Ibrahim Ahmad Abd al Sattar Muhammad al Tikriti.

Wednesday, May 7, 2003


I have been talking about my own web site for some time now. I have now uploaded a plain and simple business card on the "cyberspace" address - I used the NoteTab Light HTML editor. The site is under construction and I have to fix some things, e.g. navigation and adding some graphics. I am thinking of putting up some photos later on. Please give me suggestions on good web design and home page literature. I have added my site to the About category.


Are you a reader of EGO and want to support my blogging? Do you want to show the world that you are an individualist? You are more than welcome to become a "member" of the EGO "club". I thought it would be nice to promote my blog by having someone printing a great looking logotype together with the URL, on different products. You will be able to buy EGO gear from CaféPress in the near future. I have to experiment a bit more with different formats of the image before I have the grand opening. So, in the meantime, please enjoy the logo made by Cox & Forkum.

EGO logo by Cox & Forkum.


Here I am, one year later. It has been fun, interesting and rewarding to blog. I will continue to do it as long as I think it is worth spending time on doing it. Right now, I definitively get a "kick out of it". EGO blog has become my own web portal and start page. It is a place for me to archive things that I think are interesting to save for the future. It is a great way of keeping online articles in one place. It is also very convenient to have your favorite links and bookmarks in the sidebar of the blog.

Why did I start to blog? One reason is the great opportunity to be able to vent your views in public. I have the chance to comment on today's news in a quick and direct way. I think that blogging is a great way of spreading better ideas. Bill Thompson who is technology consultant, writes the following about the blogging phenomena:

"I just do not subscribe to the view that this challenges 'proper' journalism, even if it does mean that sloppy reporting and analysis based on incorrect assertions are more likely to be challenged by the online community."

I don't agree with his view. I think that the blogosphere has challenged the mainstream media and the journalists. I am not an journalist and I don't aspire to be one. My blog is a hobby, not a full time job. I will probably never be able to write long essays like Steven Den Beste, but I got the chance to comment on one of his interesting posts, Pile On. For another tidbit of his writing, please read his thoughts on "stickiness", site traffic, and blogrolling, et.c., in his post, Inverse network effect.

I am more of a "linker" hybrid. I prefer to write short posts on regular basis with links to interesting articles, and now and then, write longer pieces. My intention is to write more posts on ethics in the future. It will definitively take some time and practice in order to reach the same level as Meryl Yourish. For an interesting review, read the post, Two years gone: A look back, and a look inside. Maybe I should take some time and study the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers.

Here is another quote by Bill Thompson:

"Anything which allows more people to share their points of view, record their experiences and reach out to other people is to be welcomed." From his post Gagging the bloggers.

It is now time to acknowledge some fellow bloggers. Please read Mapchic's post, Acckk!!!, if you want to get in the right mood. I found her blog, Geographica, via Tim Blair.

First of all, I want to thank my readers. Thanks to you who have signed up with Bloglet for updates of my blog. According to recent Site Meter statistics, my blog has on average 50 visitors / 90 page views per day. For a comparison, InstaPundit gets on average 68,600 visitors / 82,100 page views per day! I want to thank the individuals who have sent me email messages and used the comment feature, and signed the guestmap on my blog. I appreciate your feedback very much. Please keep 'em coming!
I am glad that I have got in touch with many nice individuals through my blog. It is reassuring to know that you could find kindred spirits around the world.

Before I continue, please have a coffee / tea break.

I must start with the guy who made it all possible to have my own blog. Evan Williams: Thanks for creating a great tool! Keep up the good work! I am sure that you will keep up with the competition!

I want to thank each of you who have linked to my blog. I am ranked # 19,866 of 134,387 on BlogStreet, so keep linking! *grin* ;) EGO BlogShares could be the right investment for you!$

I want to thank everyone on my blogroll. I enjoy reading your stuff. Maybe I will change the list in the future, reflecting a change of my reading pattern.

I want to highlight a few bloggers:

Fredrik Norman: You have been a great inspiration with your well designed blog with great content. You are my "blog parent".
John Cox & Allen Forkum: Thanks for your editorial cartoons. They have caught a great attention. I enjoy your book, Black & White World, very much!
M�rten Barck @ Watch: Thanks for promoting my new blog, Lukeion, in a great way. I am honored to be on your list of the Site of the week.
Michael Moynihan @ the Politburo: Thanks for defending America. Sweden and the rest of the countries in Europe, are in need of supporters like you.

I will add some new features to the Support category in the near future. I will add more books to my wish lists at Amazon. Most of my books are stored in America. I look forward to the day when I have access to my library again. In the meantime, I have to survive by getting books delivered to my location in Sweden. The wish list is both a reminder to myself, acting as an online reading list, and giving friends a hint for great gifts. By the way: my birthday is coming up... :)