Sunday, May 11, 2003


I have added the "Iraqi Most Wanted" list as a quick link to my post, DECK OF CARDS, to the War on Terrorism category. I think it is good to have the list on the side bar on the front page as a reminder. I will continue to update the list as they hunt down Saddam and his gang.

Two of hearts (#32) - Ghazi Hamud al Adib.

If you are interested to know more about the individuals who came up with the idea of a "Most Wanted" card deck, read the post, Royal flush.

You could download the Iraq Playing Cards Screen Saver @ Galt Technology's web site.

In the news: These decks are a big deal. Related: Deck of Weasels from

UPDATE 05/12/03: Jack of spades (#11) - Ibrahim Ahmad Abd al Sattar Muhammad al Tikriti.

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