Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have now been blogging for seven years. My long-range goal is to become a "problogger" so I could develop my blogging from an amateur hobby level into a real part-time job. The first step toward this goal is to read the ProBlogger book that I got from Cindy King and then discuss with her what I learned from the book and how you could continue this journey. [Editor's note: I became a pro-blogger already during my first year of blogging! ;)]

I the meantime I will continue to work for hard "currencies" like olives. I will take some "time-out" around my birthday on May 25, reflecting on my future online ventures and other activities. Here are some examples:

  • Write e-pamphlets / e-books on topics like the trader principle and hot & spicy stuff.

  • Continue with the podcast interviews on a regular basis. Please come with suggestions on guests and topics you are interested in.

  • Lead courses on social media this autumn.

and now a word from John Adams...

with some stats:

  • Authority #32 and ranked 174,586 on Technorati.
  • Traffic rank of 346,185 on Alexa.

Thanks for reading this annual blog report and for your support during these years! I want to end this post with a special treat.

Healthy Chocolate by Xocai.

EGO editor.

Please kick back, bring your favorite beverage and have some healthy chocolate and then enjoy the trailer for Chocolat by Lasse Hallstrom.