Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Signs and Symbols of the Vitruvian Man

I will discuss Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing, the Vitruvius Man, in upcoming live-streaming sessions. Talking about this symbol of the ideal man, read the post, Total Life Changes Honors Gabriela Ortiz With Vitruvian Award. I have received the opportunity to check out a forthcoming AI product / service, provided my TLC.

In the next episode of Pluck the Day, I will talk about affiliate and referral marketing, and how you could integrate this money making activity in your daily worklife.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Mayday Call in May and Third Time is The Charm

In the next episode of Tea Party Media podcast, I will make a mental Mayday distress call and tell about my situation as I am open to work and being ”unemployable” at the same time. I have failed forward a couple of times, and now it is time to get ”lucky”… ;)

With that said, I am getting convinced that I am at the right place at the right time. Please, stay tuned for more content on new media, business philosophy, and the good life (including tea). Next Saturday, on my birthday, I will learn how to add stuff to my tea.

Check out:

As an ending note, have you planned for ”Beach ’24”? :) I will test LiveGood’s new product, Lean (Body Composition Improvement Formula), during the upcoming summer season…

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Pluck the Day

From the description of my new podcast, Pluck the Day:

My well-being journey, plucking the day and achieving my values according to the sound idea of the good life.

I have started a trial period for three months, testing PM International's FitLine products called Power Cocktail and Restorate. A bonus product was included with the subscription as a team partner; Activize Oxyplus.

Talking about health, in the latest episode of the podcast, High Five for Hemp, I am mentioning that I have received samples of hemp oil. I will talk more about KokuaVida in the near future.

I think that this new venture, Nélo Life, will "Nurturing Excellence, by Living Optimally."

Sunday, March 10, 2024

The Tangram Life Puzzle

Here is an excerpt from my latest photo post on Instagram:

Maybe I can't see the forest for the trees? I have to come to the conclusion that I have to add additional pieces to the Tangram life puzzle. I miss Fizzle’s palapa online community. I have to check out Zen Business. Do you have a favorite digital town hall? I will join a new business network in the near future. It is called Booster Friends. Where do you go for business mixers? 

I am starting my well-being journey on March 20, the Persian New Year, Nowruz. These are my phrases for the year:

🧠🤝🧡 Value Each Other (VEO advisor)

🎧⚡️🎙 Value 4 Value (Podcasting 2.0 certified)

📦💪🏻💰 Purchasing Power w/ a Membership Club (LiveGood affiliate)

I will also come up with my three words for the year in the near future...

Today I am celebrating 1 year as an affiliate (”independent distributor”) with LiveGood. I have a team of about 40 individuals (affiliates and members). My goal is to reach the next rank, gold, during this year. I strive to introduce 100 individuals (affiliate members, regular members, and retails customers) to this new type of e-commerce.

I will continue to purchase products from other direct selling companies, e.g., microsilver products from LR Health & Beauty Systems, and I am open to become a retail customer to other companies.

I have been involved in several network marketing during the years, and I have learned plenty from the MLM (multi-level marketing) industry. The good, the bad, and the ugly… For example my activities in a chocolate company, had some bittersweet memories. I did a search on the net now, and found this piece of document

I am taking into account my experiences from a cashback company and a travel company, as I am looking into this new company.

Check out Ben Glinsky’s commentary on ”golden handcuffs” in the business world. (LiveGood Firestarter-Friday Training Zoom, March 8. CEO, Ben Glinsky starts his positive rant, around the 20 min. mark). 

As an ending note, please listen to:

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Pieces of the Puzzle

The pieces of the content creation process are starting to get together. Maybe as a tangram?

  1. My three words for the new (Persian) year: Coin(age), Trade, Victory (sign).
  2. B.N.P. toolbox: Blogging, Newsletter(ing), Podcasting
  3. L.I.F.T. framework: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  4. Live streaming and digital town halls.

  • Monday Open thread on Instagram. Post on digital town hall.
  • Tuesday Tech live streaming (for the time being on EasyLive, in the future on TeaParty.Media) and blog post.
  • Wednesday Wrap on LinkedIn and post on digital town hall.
  • Thursday Throwback on Facebook, and Storm in a Teacup live streaming with Boomcaster for future episode of EGO NetCast podcast.
  • Friday Follow on Twitter and post on digital town hall.
  • Saturday Siesta live streaming on Tea Party Media digital town hall, powered by Haaartland, and podcasting.
  • Sunday note to self, weekly review, and issue of Lyceum Bulletin newsletter.

Talking about puzzles, listen to Maria Rubia's tune, Pieces Of My Life, and my conversation with her.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

20 Years as a Blogger

 I celebrated my 20th blogiversary on May 7. Here are some stats:

  • 1,633,887 page views.
  • 2865 blog posts.

I will keep this blog running here on Blogger's Blogspot, but my main focus will be my "last" forthcoming site, TeaParty.Media. If you want to support my blogging and podcasting, you are welcome to buy med a cuppa on BuyMeACoffee.com/Lyceum. How should I celebrate 20 years as a blogger, on my birthday on May 25?

Please take a moment and listen to episode 126 of EGO NetCast podcast, and then spread the good word! Thanks for reading my blogs, commenting on posts, listening to my podcasts, and sharing my stuff on the different social media platforms out there in cyberspace.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Hemp Bill AB 45 in California

Here is an excerpt from a press release, Cannabis Global (CBGL) and Marijuana Company of America (MCOA) Applaud California Assembly Passage of AB 45 Allowing CBD in Food Despite Federal Red Tape, on Yahoo! Finance:

AB 45 is a game changer for companies that market CBD products in the state. While important restrictions on manufacturing remain in place, this is unequivocally positive for any producer of hemp or CBD products targeting end-market consumers in California.

For more on this topic, listen to episode 4 of High Five for Hemp podcast, with Adam Tinkoff and undersigned.