Sunday, February 19, 2017

EGO Interview with Jim Sweeney

I interviewed Jim Sweeney on February 13. I wonder if Jim's favorite beverage is apple cider? I look forward to a followup conversation with MikeRaffone in the near future.

[Editor's note: Our conversation ended in an abrupt way, around the 50 min. mark, due to a technical issue.]

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Creating a Newsletter with a Twist

Do you have your own newsletter? How many newsletters do you read on a regular basis? Maybe I am a "cool kid" according to Veselina Gerova's definition! I have figured out the why of starting a newsletter... The challenge now is to stick with it. Here is an excerpt from issue number 2 of Lyceum Bulletin:

On 2/2, with 22 subscribers to my newsletter, I thought it was time to publish another issue of Lyceum Bulletin! ;)

My goal is to send out a new issue once a week with new media tidbits, business philosophy related topics, and the good life stuff (including tea and chile peppers). Elsie Escobar’s announcement on The Feed podcast, sparked the idea to start a weekly newsletter. 

I will add a twist to the bulletin by including a short audio clip in English and Swedish, as a mini podcast episode. It could be a “behind the scene” moment, a shout out to a new subscriber, feedback on the content, etc. I will start with this feature in the next issue of Lyceum Bulletin. I am feeling a bit under the weather with a sore throat at the moment, so I will spare you to hear a soundbite of my wheezy voice this time.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

I Have a Message

#ThisIsMyMessage is the hashtag for the podcast documentary, The Messengers. My podcast, EGO NetCast, will be mentioned in the credits of the film, as I have been one of the backers of the crowdfunding campaign for the making of this movie. I recently purchased The Messengers black t-shirt via TeeChip.
I am thinking of using this service for the crowdfunding campaign for my first forthcoming book on (black) tea (#teaFTWbook). I have registered an account on Red Bubble, after reading a post on Small Business Trends. I have added John Cox's caricature of Ralph Waldo Emerson and his tea quote:
I have been thinking about my struggle with the workflow of this podcast, compared with the "flow" I have together with my co-host, Johan Gustaphzon, on Produktivitéet (productivity + tea = "productivitea" in Swedish). Should I keep on creating content for EGO NetCast? I have come to the conclusion that I will continue with this podcast, because I have a message to deliver:
This episode of EGO NetCast is produced (read: "marinated" / procrastinated) during the intermediate days between Boxing Day ("Another Day X-mas" in Swedish) and New Year's Day. Please, listen to the episode for more details regarding the show notes, including shout out messages and related links to this holiday show. The next solo episode will cover my three words for 2017, according to Chris Brogan's meme.
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Sunday, October 9, 2016

EGO Interview with Maria Dolores

This episode (49 minutes) was recorded on October 2, with the RIngr app. I downloaded the recording (audio format: mono mix, sample rate 44 kHz, Flac, 71.2 MB) to my MacBook and then did the post production withAuphonic (112 kbps, mp3, 39.7 MB). Podcasting equipment: iPhone 6S Plus, iRig Mic Cast microphone, andSnapRecorder portable recording booth.

Show notes:

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Friday, September 16, 2016

EGO Interview with Josh Elledge

From my conversation with Josh Elledge, you will learn how he built a business empire by being frugal, finding great deals. A funny tidbit is our conversation about the weather in Florida and Josh's "issue" with umbrellas.

This episode was recorded on September 12, with the Ringr app. I downloaded the recording (audio format: mono mix, sample rate 44 kHz, Flac, 101.7 MB) to my MacBook and then did the post production with Auphonic(112 kbps, mp3, 46.4 MB). Podcasting equipment: iPhone 6S Plus, iRig Mic Cast microphone, and SnapRecorder portable recording booth.

Here is short excerpt from Josh's media kit page:

If you are a regular listener to EGO NetCast, you know that I like a "raw format" of the recording, without too much of editing and post-production work. Due to some changes to the iOS audio pipeline, you could hear aslight "echoey" sound in the beginning of our conversation.
Kris of Ringr helped me out and manually cleaned up the recording.

More show notes and links for this episode will be found at in the near future.

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Saturday, August 27, 2016


I am interested to hear about your favorite beverage! Vote for coffee, tea, or water in the poll in the right column. Grab a mug or glass with your drink of choice, and please take a moment and fill out the podcast survey for EGO NetCast.


Have you heard the expression, "pieces of eight"? Here is an excerpt from The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's site,

The Spanish influence on the American monetary system is still evident today. The one ounce silver coin was eight reales. This "piece of eight" could be fractioned into halves (four reales) or quarters (two reales) much as we do with modern dollars. The modern stock market also operates in eighths of dollars. 

The crowdfunding campaign for my forthcoming first book on tea, has now reached 1/8 of the goal. From my update, Pieces of Eight:

This evening I had a talk on Matcha green tea, together with a tea tasting. My fourth book is planned to be on this kind of green tea in powder form. After the talk and tea tasting, the event organizer passed around a tip jar for donations of my first book on tea with illustrations by John Cox. ... I have now reached the "pieces of eight" ($250 donated so far) milestone... ;) The goal is to get $2000 in total, so I can back John, with enough funds, for the creation of the illustrations for the first book on black tea.

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