Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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I have problem with my smartphone at the moment. About a year ago, I had similar "bugs" with my mobile phone. Maybe it is time to look into a new type of phone. I must say that iPhone 3GS seems to include several features that could be very useful for my worklife.

Talking about mobile phone, I am glad to see that some of my readers have started to read EGO blog on a mobile device. You could see a MoFuse counter at the bottom of the page. It says "29 mobile by MoFuse" at the moment.

I must say that I have plans to start using my old Filofax again... Maybe an iPhone together with the Evernote application could be the perfect fit when I am on the move. My physical hands-on backup system could be my Filofax calendar and the to-do note cards with symbols for different places. [Editor's note: Called "contexts" in GTD lingo.]

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  1. You aren't the only person to have this idea - apparently some choose to replace technology entirely with old school Filofax and pen systems: