Sunday, September 6, 2009

In Defense of The Glory of America

Bill Whittle, over at PJ TV, has some good videos up.

1. "Bill Maher, Barack Obama and the Truth About American Exceptionalism" (14 min, 59 sec).

I don't know about the truth of his facts, but they sure are plausible. His evaluation of America as the best country that has ever been is demonstrably and theoretically correct. If Mr. Whittle knew more about art, he could have improved his cultural section with mention of some American painters (e.g., that at Cordair Gallery), movies ("This Land is Mine," "Ninotchka," "Executive Suite," "The Sound of Music," etc.), philosophy (Rand), politics (the Founding Fathers), etc. He is correct, though, to focus on art and other products created in the last two hundred years. Otherwise, we'd be talking about completely different countries, times, and people, who no longer exist and have not for millennia.

Upate (9-7-09, 7:30 AM Houston Time): And what about jazz and swing music, and swing and tap dance?

2. "MSNBC & The Great Liberal Narrative: The Truth About The Tyranny of Political Correctness" (12 min, 56 sec).

What do you think about the videos and ideas in them?

Of course, Mr. Whittle's commentary is not as good as there can be. As good as there can be would have to be provided by someone like Leonard Peikoff or Ayn Rand.


  1. I always love Bill Whittle's work.

    However, I need to correct his assertion that the top 6 best selling albums were American.... AC/DC are Australian and are rocking out at number 2!

  2. Thanks for the correction! :)