Monday, March 16, 2009


Here is a short introduction to Livescribe's Pulse Smartpen (1 GB). I will write posts now and then on my experiences with this digital tool and give you some examples on how I am using it. This first post is covering the configuration of the pen, testing the "paper replay" feature and how to share your notes with others.

The starter kit with an additional set of journals. I will use the smaller journals for blogging notes and when I am out and about... The regular starter notebook will be used for my weekly review and as my stationery writing material at my desk.

I have opened the getting started guide and the standard college notebook.

Pulse Smartpen (1 GB), 3-D recording headset, USB mobile charging cradle, notebook, case and ink cartridge refills and stylus.

Installing the Livescribe desktop software by placing the Pulse Smartpen into the USB cradle.

You are welcome to watch my video clip, going through the tutorial regarding the paper replay basics.

Digital Pen from Martin Lindeskog on Vimeo.

You could see the notes and listen to the instructions on the Livescribe desktop community.

I have to ask my local supplier about the Pulse software installation CD for more information and why they have stated the following thing in the "Getting Started Guide":

6. IMPORTANT: The Pulse smartpen is designed to be connected with one computer only. Be sure to download and install Livescribe Desktop on the computer where you want your nores to reside. (

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