Tuesday, March 10, 2009


From Plinky:

You've been invited on a talk show to explain your job to the hosts. What would you say you do on a daily basis?

Check out my new homepage powered by Posterous for a glimpse of my work-life...

I am planning to update the page on a weekly basis, or at least, every two weeks (fortnight) with things that could be of interest to my friends, business partners, customers and supporters. The posts will often be written in a laid-back manner with a twist.

I have some tidbits in the pipeline, e.g., a piece on logistics and Jacquest Tati, a news update from my alma mater, Southern New Hampshire University, and my take on a new study on salary that could fit into the "Freakonomics" category. Stay tuned! [Editor's note: Talking about talk shows, my interview with Scott Holleran should be up and running on Solid Vox in the near future...]

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