Saturday, March 21, 2009


In the news: Swimwear designer rejects sexism charges - The Local.

Asked whether the company would make any changes to its product catalogue in light of criticism from the Trade Ethical Council against Sexism in Advertising (ERK), CEO Panos Papadopoulos replied, "absolutely not".

”We’re often criticized in other countries for being overly restrictive. If anything, our catalogue is too conservative," he told The Local.

ERK has issued the company with a formal reprimand for the titillating nature of some of the pictures in Panos Emporio's latest product brochure.

"In a lot of the pictures in the catalogue, the models are posing in a way that leads one's thoughts to sex rather than bathing," ERK wrote in its ruling.

The council added that not all of the suggestive pictures could be viewed as discriminatory on the grounds of gender. But, "the fact that certain pictures are taken in an indoor environment reinforces the allusion to sex, as does the fact that the model is portrayed lying down in provocative poses."

“The woman’s body is used in these pictures as an eye-catcher of a sexual nature with an insufficient correlation to the product being marketed,” wrote ERK. (, March 20, 2009.)

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Panos and Yana Kay.
Source: Image Copyright - Panos Emporio AB.


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