Sunday, September 24, 2006


During the great lecture by Lee Sandstead, a sad thing happened. My digital camera (Canon Powershot A310) got stolen. I was concentrating on Lee's lecture when someone entered the building. He was standing behind me for some time and then left. He had a partner in crime who took away the attention and distracted one of my colleagues. I wonder what the robber did with the camera. He probably sold it in order to get drugs or booze. I haven't been to the police yet. I don't have high hopes to get my camera back, but at least I could get a conversation with the officers regarding the crime situation in the center of Gothenburg.

I can't afford to buy a new camera at the moment, so I will rely on my Qtek 9100 (High Tech Computer) mobile phone camera. Here is a photo taken with the mobile camera:


You are welcome to comment on the post with suggestions on digital cameras.

UPDATE 09/25/06:

Welcome InstaPundit readers. Thank you very much for your comments. Please keep 'em coming. I will add a couple of the cameras at my wish lists at Amazon and Froggle as a reminder.