Wednesday, September 20, 2006


It is scary to read that the Sweden Democrats, a party with its roots in a "kampf~organization" called "Keep (S)chweden Swe~disch," is gaining popularity by the voters. In some local areas, e.g., in a few cities in the south of Sweden, they got 20%. The party is founded on "ethno-nationalism," i.e., collectivism. If they had got 60,000 more votes, the party would take a seat in the Parliament. They will get SEK 45,000,000 in "public financial support" from the state.

From The Local:

At the national level, the Sweden Democrats could still theoretically win seats in the Riksdag. Many districts in Skåne, where the party is traditionally strong, remain to be counted, meaning the party could technically pass the 4 percent threshold necessary to enter parliament. More likely is that the party will stay above the 2.5 percent level, meaning it will qualify for state support. (

"Voluntary party support!" Clip from Martin Borg's movie, 1200 miljarder.