Monday, September 18, 2006


I agree with JAF's comment that the political system will not change dramatically after the Alliance's victory. But personally, I got convinced by a few of my best friends to go and vote, instead of sitting at home. It was more of getting rid of Göran Persson and the socialist nomenklatura, than of voting for a new fresh alternative.

I tried to find a candidate I could trust and then voted accordingly. I have sent Göran Lindblad an email and told him about my decision and I pointed out what I am looking for when it comes to actions. It took a pretty long time to figure out how to vote for a specific candidate and making a "check mark" for that person. In reality, I had to take a document with the Moderate party name and then write his name. I first had to ask the election workers outside the voting both and then ask the voting personnel inside the building how to do it in the right way. They had to call someone to get the correct instructions. I also got a call on my mobile phone when I was standing behind the voting booth. The whole boring election process got pretty interesting due to this. I made comments that I wanted to find a candidate who was in favor of free enterprise, open immigration and a hawk against dictatorships around the world. The election workers from different parties tried to help by giving me suggestions of names. I also made a remark what I thought about the ominous trends and ugly elements in the political arena. Here is a picture from the voting station.

Swedish election

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