Sunday, December 4, 2005


Despite the existing obstacles of starting a business in Sweden and the fact that I am a "poor" capitalist, I am in the process of entering a new enterprise together with a couple of business partners. With almost "zero cash, and little talent" [via Small Business Trends] in this new field, I still think we could be successful due to the combination of our knowledge, experience and competence. We have great support and resources from different external partners, e.g., the small business competition called Venture Cup and an entrepreneurial foundation translated to the "Greenhouse" in Swedish.

We are thinking of creating a special type of business enterprise called economic association or incorporated association. Do you have this kind of form of corporation in your country?

We could have an "open shop" immediately, if we get hold of the existing internet cafe that we have been looking at. We have been thinking of renaming the place to Blue Chip Café. One of the business areas is to create a meeting place for entrepreneurs, inventors and investors. The name for this activity is IdeaTank. The "water cooler" [via CotC] conversation will have a central role at our place... The atmosphere should be like a modern version of an old coffee-house. Read the article, The internet in a cup, for more information.