Thursday, October 21, 2004


Listen to Greg Allen's report, Can Libertarian Badnarik Tilt White House Race? Here is an excerpt from Jim Jarvis's, post, Loonitarians [via InstaPundit]:

But this morning, I hear an NPR story about Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik and it consigns libertarians right back into the looney bin: Their candidate thinks driver's licenses are unconstitutional, the report says, and so Badnarik makes it a point to get arrested for driving without a license whenever he can to prove his alleged point. This is exactly the image libertarians had for years: impractical, obnoxious loons. (, 10/20/04.)

Harry Binswanger
has decided to vote for George W. Bush. Here is a summary from his article on Capitalism Magazine site:

The nature of this campaign is set, and the meaning of this election is: independence vs. dependence. The Bush policies favor America retaining its sovereignty--cooperating with allies as and when they are willing--and America on the offensive. The Kerry program favors America surrendering that independence to curry favor with the bribed French and the America-hating despots at the United Nations. (Vote for President Bush,, 10/21/04.)

Read my post, INSIGHT ON THE NEWS, if you want to start a discussion on potential GOP candidates in 2008...

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