Wednesday, October 13, 2004


[06:08 PM] EGO is live blogging! [Editor's comment: Please note that this post is in a draft form like short text bullets or blurbs.] Andy of Charlotte Capitalist has a good guide (Judging A Debate) for watching the debate between George Bush and John Kerry.

JFK: Fight for the American worker!
GWB: JFK is taxing the small business owners.

GWB: I have more to do...
JFK: GWB Switched from job to education... Joe Soprano's "law and order"...

JFK: Outsourcing will happen. I promise to make the play field as fair as possible. Stay up for Boeing! Fight for my own job?!
GWB: Huh! Let me talk to the workers! Reduce the marriage penalty. It's your money! JFK busted the budget 277 times.

GWB: Protect the marriage between a man a woman.
JFK: We are all God's children. [Editor's note: I am not!] Ask Dick Cheney's daughter!

JFK: Re: abortion. It's a choice between the woman, God, and her doctor. I was an altar boy...
GWB: Reduce the number of abortion. Promote a culture of life. (Bush looks down...)

GWB: Health Saving Accounts. [Editor's note: Check out Americans for Free Choice in Medicine.] Drive generic drugs to the market?
JFK: We wanted Medicare... paid for by the American taxpayers.
GWB: (He is waving with his papers...)
JFK: (He is writing something down...)

(The moderator's voice is rough... He needs a cough drop...)
JFK: My healthcare plan is easy, America.
GWB: [Editor's note: Bush said something about main stream media, but I didn't catch what he said...] Look at other countries... [Editor's comment: Will he mention Sweden?]

GWB: Bring Republicans and Democrats together to fix the current system.
JFK: Don't take out the money from the Social Security... that's disaster! Protect SS, I will not privatize it!

JFK: (The moderator ref. to Greenspan) Meet the press. I support the middle class? Create jobs in America. We have lost jobs. We will fix SS.
GWB: The tax code is more fair now. If you pay any form of tax, you get a tax relief. Stock market was in decline 6 months before I took power. Fiscal sanity.

(Moderator: Lots of email questions regarding immigration.)
GWB: 1000 more border control agents. Many people are coming here for economic reason. Temporary immigrant card.
JFK: The average family is not making it now, Bob... Borders are leaking more than before 9/11. Crack down on illegal hiring.
GWB: JFK doesn't know the borders. It is a outrage claim.
JFK: 4000 coming across the border. Plenty from the Middle East. I will make it safe.

JFK: Raise the minimum wage. We are not allowed to vote on it. Raise it to $7 per hour. Equal pay for women and men. It's a fundamental right with a minimum wage. Kick the economy in gear.
GWB: The education system must work. Left no child behind act.

GWB: No litmus test for the appointment of a new judge. Roe vs Wade.
JFK: You be the judge... [Editor's note: I didn't catch his comment on how to pick a judge.]

JFK: Run a foreign policy with real alliances. Bring other nations together... Our forces are over extended. President has taken his eye away from Osama bin Laden.
GWB: Thanks to the reservists. Serve their country. I will never turn over our security to other nations.
JFK: I will never fail to protect the U.S.A.

GWB: Extend assault weapon ban. You should be able to own a gun. Prosecute people who commit crimes with weapons.
JFK: I am hunter and gun owner. I have owned a gun since I was 13? I was hunting in Iowa once...?

JFK: Not far enough with affirmative action. We have a distance to travel... President hasn't met with the Black Congressional Caucus.
GWB: I have met with them.

GWB: I pray a lot. You are equal American if you do, or not. I stand on principle, derived from my compassion and faith-based initiative. The freedom in Iraq is a gift from the Almighty. Que?
JFK: I share it. Everything is a gift from the Almighty. Native Americans have given me a blessing.

JFK: Bring the nation together. Over 20 years I have worked with McCain and reached common ground. Not secret meetings with special interests. Against Campaign Finance Reform
GWB: Washington is a tough town! I am glad that JFK mentioned McCain. (Bush is banging the desk with his hand.)

GWB: Listen to our women. I love strong women around me. Laura Bush speaks English much better than I do. (He nods too LB.)
JFK: We married up. Some say, more me than others. We are both very lucky.

Closing statement.

JFK: These are dangerous times. I never allow another country have a veto over our country. Faith in God, we could do better... Ask you for your trust. Stronger here at home, respect in the world.
GWB: A painting by Tom Lee. I love the optimism in the painting. Pursue the enemy, and spread freedom and liberty. I am asking for your vote.

[Editor's note: I will add a link to the official transcript when it is available. Glenn Reynolds has a list of "live-bloggers," e.g., Politburo Diktat and BuzzMachine. Jeff Jarvis says:

You want a score? Zero-zero in extra innings.

I will sum up the debate in my next post, and point to some important issues according to my perspective.]

UPDATE 10/14/04:
Read the transcript from the debate (moderated by Bob Schieffer of CBS) at Arizona State University. Dick Morris gives the verdict: Draw, Advantage Kerry.

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