Friday, October 29, 2004


Check out Scott Holleran's electronic newsletter, The Concord Crier. Here are excerpts from two of Scott Holleran's recent pieces:

The first article is on the upcoming Presidential election.

Three years after America's worst attack, the President has failed to strike the enemy's core. Every major state sponsor of Islamic terrorism, especially Iran, is firmly entrenched, if not emboldened. Al Qaeda is still active, beheading and bombing Americans across the globe. Both U.S.-led incursions, neither of which were proper declarations of war, accomplished nothing meaningful for America's defense; by most accounts, Afghanistan's Taliban rulers dispersed and, seen with the most rose-colored glasses, the Iraq invasion has been transformed into an act of altruism with America's soldiers as Christian missionaries. (, John Kerry For President, 10/28/04.)

The second article is a review of the movie, Shall We Dance? [Editor's note: Read my post, LET'S DANCE.]

Though no one will mistake Miramax's Shall We Dance for a classic Fred Astaire musical, director Peter Chelsom's romantic dance comedy makes you want to grab a dish and dance 'til dawn. The jovial remake, based on director Masayuki Suo's Japanese movie of the same name and written by Audrey Wells (Under the Tuscan Sun), captures the original picture's thematic undercurrent that happiness is the point of life. (, Invitation to the Dance, 10/15/04.)

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