Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I asked an American student at my school in Gothenburg about Bush's true beliefs and which faction of the Republican party he belongs to. He answered that Bush really is a born-again evangelical christian and that the religious right has a strong influence on him. Did you see any signs of these ideas in the TV debate?

I recommend you to read Craig Biddle's open letter, Capitalist Hawk for Kerry, and John Lewis's article, Opposing Platonic Conservatism: A Matter of Values. [Via The Rule of Reason.]

Here is a quote by Craig Biddle:

Here, in essence, is what Bush has done. By packaging a permission-seeking, capitulating, restrained, dovish foreign policy with lip service to an independent, firm, do-what-needs-to-be-done, hawkish one—he has removed the concept of the latter from the foreign policy debate. Kerry, unwittingly, would put it back on the table; this is why I will vote for him. (Craig Biddle, October 2004.)

Here is an excerpt from John Lewis's article:

Some people think that philosophy is irrelevant in this election; after all, there is a real emergency to be solved. But philosophy matters; it is why we have a deadly emergency. The Platonic view demands tough talk--the expression of a principle--followed by compromise, the application of the principle. This has had horrendous consequences. (Capitalism Magazine, 10/05/04.)

10 days ago I watched the end of the PBS documentary, The Jesus Factor, ("Jesusfaktorn" in Swedish). With this program fresh in my mind, I would have a hard time to vote for Bush and give him the opportunity to push his faith-based agenda for additional four more years. So, what's your take on the situation? Should we be "Capitalist Hawks for Kerry," or "Anti-Bushites for Bush"? [Via US Election 2004.] Related: My post, THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT IS WRONG.

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