Monday, October 11, 2004


After reading Wayne Hurlbert's post, Blog money making: Think big bucks, I thought it was time to sign up for BlogSnob's SimpleAd Exchange program.

Wayne Hurlbert ends his post with this money quote:

A little cash from your blog will put food on your table. (Blog Business World, 10/10/04.)

It would be great if my blogging could generate a little cash for my future project in Hungary. The school will take care of travel expenses (up to a certain amount) and the housing, but I have to get money for my meals. Luckily you could eat and drink much cheaper in Hungary than Sweden. You are welcome to send a Forint (HUF) or two to the EGO DONATION DRIVE. According to The Economist's Hamburger Standard, a Big Mac costs Forint 492! I have been informed that the traditional Magyar cuisine is much cheaper than regular fast food.

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