Sunday, October 17, 2004


It is interesting how a comment on your blog could trigger you to write a new post. Read Wayne Hurlbert's post, Comments on commenters, for interesting ideas on the value of comments. I have been thinking of the Presidential election for the last couple of days and I have been trying to come up with one important issue that could separate George Bush and John Kerry. Jay Solo's comment on my post, 4 MORE YEARS WITH BUSH?, made me think about one the biggest threat against the Western civilization: the mullahs in Iran and their quest for nuclear weapons. Here is an excerpt from Iran-Blog's post, G8 meets today...:

The mullahs have been a major issue long before now, but have been able to successfully remain below radar thanks to intense division within the Bush administration as well as the greater world's appeasement of the regime. If, God forbid, the Mullahs end up with a nuclear weapon, the free world can kiss the spread of liberty goodbye. (, 10/15/04.)

If I knew that Bush would act on his promise: "Iran 'will be dealt with'," it would be easy to pick a candidate. So, will Bush get back in the saddle as a real cowboy, or will "Tehran John" take over? Andy Clarkson of the Charlotte Capitalist has decided to Vote for Bush.

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