Tuesday, October 19, 2004


What will I write about in two weeks time? Will EGO run out of posts? I don't think so. EGO will continue to be a positive gadfly in today's political climate and write posts from an individualist perspective. I want to write more posts related to the branches of epistemology and ethics in the future. I will reflect on the importance of art in my life and why I need to be surrounded by great works of art. That said, I have to "warn" you that EGO could be on a temporarily hiatus in the beginning of November until I find computer facilities in Sopron, Hungary. I look forward to write reports from a new part of Europe in the near future.

My guess is that blogs specialized in party politics, e.g., Atrios and "Like "Reality-Based" Kryptonite To Stupid," will have a tougher time to come up with posts after the election and their level of activity will dip for awhile. They probably need a break if you take into account how they act at the moment... Other blogs will not have the same problem. Here is an excerpt from Dean Esmay's post, What Will You Talk About? [via Jay Solo's post, RIP Things to Blog About?]:

Still: this weblog existed long before it got sidetracked by the Presidential election. I have a thousand things I'd rather talk about on a day to day basis. (DeanEsmay.com, 10/18/04.)

I think I will have plenty of POSTS IN THE "PIPELINE"... Harry Binswanger's mailing list (HBL) is a great source and inspiration for future posts. Today he wrote a piece with the title, Who's the threat?, informing about a story in the New York Sun (Ex-U.S. Detainees Return to Terror) [Editor's note: Subscription required.] by Matt Moore and John J. Lumpkin (Associated Press). Isn't it strange that people think that a white-collar crime like Martha Stewart's insider trading story is a bigger factor in causing a decrease in trust in our leaders than terrorism?!

I promised to write about the space race in the above mentioned post. Yesterday I read on HBL about Adrian Apollo's great SpaceShipOne experience. Here is an excerpt from Mr. Apollo's article, Rutan's SpaceShipOne spectacle excites, inspires:

The crowd breaks up, and I find myself standing only a few feet away from Binnie. I ask him if he would have his picture taken with me, and he kindly agrees. I feel a sense of awe and childlike wonder as we shake hands and I congratulate him. Binnie sees my wide-eyed appreciation, and I notice that he, too, seems to have a twinkle in his eye as he smiles and glances back. What a rush it was to be standing there with him on such an historic occasion, standing so close to SpaceShipOne that I could reach out and touch it if I wanted to. (FresnoBee.com, 10/12/04.)

If I for some reason get a writer's block or feel burned out, I could always post a quiz! ;) [Via Accidental Verbosity.]

You are .inf You are informative.  When you are gone you make life very difficult for others.
Which File Extension are You?

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