Sunday, October 31, 2004


Here is a note to the religious people: Go and read Halloween is on a Sunday this year... by Dana Jones of Note-It Posts. Andrew Dalton says the following in his post, Anti-Halloween idiocy:

Every Christian child needs to know that Sunday is for Jesus, while the other days of the week are for celebrating the devil. (Venting Steam, 10/15/04.)

Go to The Landover Baptist for information on "how to crash Satan's birthday party and ruin Halloween."

Do you have any good recipe with pumpkin as an ingredient? I have to go to Sarah Kiser's blog, Mountaineer Musings, and check out this week's edition of Carnival of the Recipes. Talking about pumpkins, click on the ad by Body in Mind and discover a gallery of "a beautiful harvest." I am sure that model Marina will sell plenty of pumpkins. Here is an excerpt from Selling Pumpkins - Part 1 by Dwayne Bell:

In a week when the government of Spain and the women of Canada are attacking the use of female beauty to sell us values as diverse and wide-ranging as women's film-making and professional tennis, we at Body in Mind are proud to offer the world a colourful garden of female beauty in full bloom - our tribute to female beauty's power to sell - Marina selling pumpkins by Valery Anzilov. (Body in Mind, 10/17/04.)

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