Saturday, October 30, 2004


My blog hasn't been bombarded with spam yet, but I want to address one issue. Someone with the nickname, "dagny," has been promoting "her" shop @ CaféPress in several comments. I sent an e-mail about it, but I haven't received any answer yet.

Here is my e-mail (10/26/04):

You have promoted your business (without asking first) in my comment feature on my blog. Why have you added the same comment on plenty of my posts? Don't you understand that individuals who read my blog could get the impression that this is a form of spam?

By the way: Have you asked for permission from Ayn Rand's heir before you used the name of Ayn Rand's character in Atlas Shrugged?

Best Premises,

Martin Lindeskog

Do you think that I have over reacted? I am fully aware that this post will give additional exposure to "dagny"'s "W.I.J.G?" business, but what the heck... I had to vent a bit! I will give "dagny" a couple of days to send me an explanation before I delete the comments.

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