Saturday, October 9, 2004


I am going to stay in a part of the "new Europe," during the months of November to February. As a part of my education in project management (International Project Coordinator), I will participate in a project at a manufacturing company in Sopron, Hungary. This school project ("Learning At Work") is in part funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programme. One of our course books is Developments in Central and East European Politics. I wonder how an anti-communist [Editor's note: A better description is to say that I am an individualist and American in spirit, fighting against every form of collectivism.] will fit in today's Hungary with a former leader of the Young Communist League as the new Prime Minister. [Via Henry Copeland.] I hope that Ferenc Gyurcsany really has changed his mind and is no longer a communist as the Left Party (former known as Left Party Communists) leader Lars Ohly. I will travel to Budapest and pay a visit to Szoborpark ("Giant Memorials from the Communist Dictatorship") and look at statues of Marx and Lenin. Go to if you are interested in getting a "daily dish of cosmopolitan Budapest." Read Erik D'Amato's post, Pestiside 1, Soros 0 in Online Election-Throwing Contest, for a sample of what's going on Budapest.

On a related note, read Monica White's post, Berlin. [Via The Rule of Reason.]

UPDATE 10/11/04:
How about listening to Pet Shop Boys' song, Go West, and then click on the following links:

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