Sunday, November 30, 2003


The Commissar @ the Politburo Diktat has created a map of the blogosphere ("Commonwealth of Blogosphere States"). Dean Esmay thinks that Everything Going According to Plan. Hmmm, I am not sure about the map. I think that the Commissar has omitted one important place on the map... ;)

Btw: As I promised in a previous post, a few of the individuals who are located on my guestmap have received a Caf�Press discount coupon.

UPDATE 12/03/03: The Commissar has added EGO on the map ("Commonwealth of Blogosphere States"). The Politburo Diktat has picked EGO as a city of "Kolkatastan" (a.k.a Kazakhstan). EGO will not follow Suman Palit's suggestion and "sneak into Reynoldssia." The plan is instead to announce "Aqta�" ("Aktau") as an independent city after the oil deal.

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