Sunday, November 9, 2003


Glenn Reynolds posted a picture of Miss Afghanistan, Vida Samadzai, in his "pro-bikini" post, AMERICA 100, TALIBAN 0 (10/24/03). From AP News (11/08/03): "Fazel Ahmad Manawi, deputy head of Afghanistan's Supreme Court, told The Associated Press that Vida Samadzai, a college student in California, had betrayed Afghan culture by appearing at the Miss Earth contest in a bikini -- and may have also broken the law."

Read Andrew Dalton's post, Did We Invade Afghanistan For Nothing? and Gersh Kuntzman's article, Beauty is a Beast.

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UPDATE 11/10/03: Here is an excerpt from John Cox & Allen Forkum's book, Black & White World:

"In "Goat" (32), I took the opposite tack, that of making a point with a laugh. The humor was simple: draw a funny goat. The tricky part was to make sure we weren't poking fun at the plight of women living under repressive Islamic regimes. The real target is the husband, who is made to look like an insufferable idiot. This sparked a personal revelation of how serious commentary can underlie a lighthearted joke." [Quote by John Cox, chapter Islamism, page 30. Cartoon Goat, 10/13/01.]