Tuesday, October 14, 2003


How did you celebrate Columbus Day? From The Library of Congress:

"A sailor on board the Pinta sighted land early in the morning of October 12, 1492, and a new era of European exploration and expansion began. The next day, the 90 crew members of Christopher Columbus's three-ship fleet ventured onto the Bahamian island of Guanahan�, ending a voyage begun nearly ten weeks earlier in Palos, Spain."

I visited the Canadian American Friendship Society in Gothenburg and purchased Rand McNally 2003 Road Atlas as a preparation for my future exploration of the Land of Opportunity - America. I plan to do my trip next year or in 2005. I am thinking of visiting N.Y.C., Florida and Texas, as I did in 1996. I want to visit my old school in Manchester, NH, and my workplace in Troy, OH. I am also interested in checking out the west "left" coast. You are more than welcome to give me suggestions on places to visit.

In the news: Motorbikes, Fashion Models, Aviation and Historical Floats Draw Hundreds of Thousands of Spectators to 2003 Columbus Day Parade.

Take some time and read Allen Forkum's post, The Enemies of Christopher Columbus. I will buy a bottle of wine by Castello Banfi and read Lucio Sorr�'s piece, Christopher Columbus - a Culinary History.

UPDATE 10/28/03: Today I received my copy (signed by the author) of The Enemies of Christopher Columbus by Thomas A. Bowden.