Sunday, October 5, 2003


The recall election in California is getting really sleazy and the media is digging up all the dirt they could find... The ugly game is called "puke politics."

In my post, ARNOLD: A "POSTER BOY"?, I recommended the Kausfiles and the California Insider Weblog as news sources. Please note that Daniel Weintraub is now having an editor checking his blog, due to the act by the Sacramento Bee's Ombudsman. (It's funny how the Swedish language has added this "important" word to the English dictionary. I think that the word "smorgasbord" (sm�rg�sbord in Swedish) is of greater importance to the world of words. [Editor: I am getting hungry!])

I think that the whole idea of the recall is a total mess. Here is an eloquent quote from John Lewis' article, California's Recall Election: Dangerous Democracy at Work:

"California has a lousy governor, who plays to the whims of the moment for short-range advantage. But the answer to such incompetence is not to institutionalize the whims of others through the ad hoc removal of elected officials. The California recall is wrong, not because it undermines democracy, but because it elevates democracy over republican principles. Proper understanding of the difference between republicanism and democracy has been lost today. It needs to be regained, if our republic is to be preserved." [Source: Capitalism Magazine. Via Skip Oliva's (Rule of Reason Weblog) post, Recall vs. Republicanism.]

In the news:
My Economic Policy. California needs someone to terminate taxes. By Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Arnold's groping? Please, Dems, get a grip. By Mark Steyn.
Calif. Recall Holds Dilemma for Liberals.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Calif. Recall.
A matter of principles. Freelance writer Scott Holleran's interview with GOP candidate Tom McClintock. [Hat tip to Betsy Speicher's CyberNet.]

UPDATE 10/08/03: From BBC News: Victorious Arnie faces tough role. Read Moxie's "d�j� vu" experience (That's the Terminator) from a "victory party" @ the Century Plaza Hotel.

California Scheming

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