Tuesday, March 15, 2005


My first intake of food today was omelette with spicy sausage and bacon. Then I took a walk to meet a friend for lunch at McDonald's. [Editor's note: We didn't order at the drive-thru window...] It was a happy meal! We had a Big Tasty hamburger. My friend took a picture of me, but you have to wait until tomorrow to see it. I haven't managed to make the computer compatible with the USB memory or the gadget for transferring photos, so I can't upload the photo from my digital camera. My brother will install a new operating system (Mandrake Linux) in the near future. As I told you in my post, EAT AN ANIMAL FOR PETA DAY, I will go out for a dinner with some friends on March 19. We will go to an Indian restaurant. Maybe we will have a piece of a holy cow... Please check out some of my fellow bloggers and see what they are planning to eat:

  • IEAPD3 by Michele Catalano of A Small Victory.

What's for dinner at your place? Please comment on this post with your food for thought!

I had cottage pie (shepherd's pie) for dinner. Here are some more posts to digest [Hat tip to G.V.H.]:

UPDATE 03/16/05:
I will not be able to upload the picture of yours truly today, so you have to wait for the snapshot until a later date this week. In the meantime, go to Meryl Yourish's post, IEAPD: Last thoughts, and then scroll down the page.

UPDATE 03/19/05:

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