Monday, March 7, 2005


I will let you guess about my choice of title. Go to my other blog and read the newest post and then scroll down the page and check out the updated post. I am glad to see that Martha Stewart has survived the time in prison. Go and read Felipe Sediles's post, She's Free! Robert Tracinski is commenting on the Martha Stewart case in today's issue of TIA Daily.

Martha Stewart, I am glad to report, is out of prison and returning to work at her company. Note, however, that while Hillary Clinton is campaigning to let felons vote, Martha's bogus felony conviction will still bar her from sitting on the board of the company she created.

Note also the snide tone of nearly every news report on today's event, especially the New York Times reporter's clear disappointment at not seeing Martha with an electronic manacle on her ankle--an interesting confession of the psychology of envy. Still, Martha's return is proof that her enterprising spirit and productive energy cannot be extinguished. (, 03/07/05.)

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