Friday, March 11, 2005


From the article, Who carried out Madrid attack?

"What March 11 shows, and especially what came afterward, is that Spain was, is and will stay on the target list for Islamic terrorists," adds Jesus Nunez Villaverde, a security analyst specializing in the Arab world and president of a Madrid think tank called the Institute of Studies on Conflicts and Humanitarian Action.

He and Reinares said the main motive of the attack was revenge for Spain's arrest of dozens of al Qaeda suspects after the September 11, 2001, attacks in the United States -- including three charged with actually helping prepare them -- ending Spain's traditional status as a haven or transit point for Muslim militants. Twenty-four suspects arrested in those raids face trial in Madrid, probably next month. (CNN, 03/11/05.)

I wonder if the members of Club de Madrid have connected the dots between the headquarters of terrorism and the terrorist bombings in Madrid?

If you want to be reminded of the terrorist attack, go to Little Green Footballs and read Charles Johnson's post, One Year After Madrid.

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