Thursday, March 17, 2005


After I read the following post by Glenn Reynolds, I added the book to my wish list at Amazon.

IN THE MAIL: Jerome Corsi's new book, Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians. Looks pretty, um, explosive. (, 03/15/05.)

I think that the book could be a good pick for a forthcoming Book of the Month. Here is an excerpt from a press release (Iran Nuclear Talks 'A Charade'):

"Atomic Iran," Corsi' new book set for release on March 22, 2005, has a new home on the web at The site provides information about the book, which has already pre-sold 150,000 copies (ISBN: 1581824580). Viewers of can read news articles regarding the current nuclear threat that Iran poses. In addition, Dr. Corsi's columns, media appearances, book tour, and press kit can all be found on the site as well.

Viewers will also notice a button for the Iran Freedom Foundation. The IFF was established by American and Iranian scholars, professionals, philanthropists and human rights advocates who support Iranian's fight for freedom. "We have created the foundation in order to support opposition groups inside Iran," said Jerome Corsi, IFF spokesperson. The foundation will launch its website on Thursday, March 17, 2005 at (, 03/17/05.)

For more on the book, go to World Net Daily and read the article, Fed doomsday report affirms 'Atomic Iran'.

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