Friday, March 18, 2005


[Editor's note: I wanted to write a quick post and inform my visitors, readers, and supporters that Blogger is very slow at the moment and it takes forever to publish new posts. So, please stay tuned..., you don't want to miss out on the good stuff in the pipeline, e.g., drafts with working titles like, Martin: the solo protest warrior and Holy cow, that's for dinner. The future posts will include photos of protesters and food. I will be back...]

From Blogger Status:

Users with more than 500 posts are also being severely hampered at this time. We believe this is due to an improper use of system resources when users of such blogs either access the Edit Posts page or attempt to publish. We will be testing a potential fix to this problem over the next couple days and hope to push it to production early next week. Because of the extent of the change, we need to fully assess the impact on the service before deployment. (, 03/18/05.)

Here is an excerpt from Gerard Van der Leun's post, The Blight at Blogger: "One Does Not Simply Post Into Mordor".

I keep hearing there are only brilliant people at Google and I believe it. I've seen it's "employment tests" that only a nerd could love and only a supernerd pass. Good, but smart people are famous for being dumb about people. It is hardly fair to the millions who have poured genuine free content into the free system (One Hand meet the Other Hand), to allow them to have their sites hijacked by Spam Blogs while blithely ordering up new servers and more electricity. This is like setting out free crystal meth at a junkies buffet and expecting them to leave the building. But since blogging is not rocket science the rocket scientists at Google aren't paying attention. (, 03/17/05.)

As a PRO-BLOGGER I have invested much on this (blog)spot in the blogosphere, so I don't want to switch to a new home in cyberspace. I hope that the folks at Blogger will look into this matter and work hard to solve this problem as soon as possible. I wouldn't mind a massage right now...

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